Paul Ryan calls Wisconsin recall election for Walker

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) may not believe in picking the winners in economics, but he had no problem — correctly — calling the race in Tuesday night???s Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election, well before final results came in.

At the Competitive Enterprise Institute annual dinner in Washington, D.C., Ryan was predicting a Walker win even as he took the podium, minutes before the polls closed.

???In six minutes, we will show that Wisconsin got our state back,??? he announced, to thunderous applause. ???Today, Wisconsin saves itself. And on November 6th, Wisconsin saves America.???

Ryan???s keynote address at the dinner focused on a choice between two futures: opportunity society versus welfare state; Adam Smith and John Locke versus Rousseau and Hegel.

In Wisconsin, Ryan said, citizens were embracing the opportunity to make difficult choices and decide their own future.

???We have gone straight to our citizens. We treat them like adults. We told them the problems that we see in our state and our federal government,??? Ryan said. ???And we???re asking them for permission to give us the ability to fix this mess before it gets out of our control.???

And, Ryan said, polls and surveys proved that Americans at large still wanted the same choices and responsibilities. With no results clear in Wisconsin, ten minutes after the polls had closed, Ryan closed his speech with the same confidence in in the evening???s eventual outcome.

???If we give the country a crystal clear choice, you know what, just like I???m predicting tonight, in Wisconsin? We???ll win,??? he said.