Scott Walker ahead of Barrett on social media scorecard

Tuesday voters go to the polls in Wisconsin with the potential of recalling Gov. Scott Walker.  What is being touted as a  race that could have national implications come November is being  viewed as an incredibly tight race by  a variety of polls.

From my vantage point as an online marketer, the outcome online is not even a horse race. Gov. Scott Walker  has more than 195,000 Facebook Likes and 61, 593 Twitter followers.  Walker’s primary opponent, Tom Barrett, in this recall  is a distant second with 52,642 Facebook Likes and 7,709 Twitter Followers.   Walker has nearly four times the  number of social media friends over seven times the number of followers.  We will all be watching tomorrow night  as the  votes are tallied as to whether this  online differential is indicative of the popular vote in Wisconsin.
Little doubt that  Walker and his campaign team have spent serious money in Wisconsin to fight the battle  versus  organized labor and the unions.  The Walker team seems to have cracked the code in terms of generating a significant  groundswell of support online where it matters. When and if Walker wins this recall battle, it would make sense for him to  make  a  quick trip  over to the Romney camp and share  online campaign tactics. Mitt could most definitely use the help.