Live Action exposes "gendercide??? at Planned Parenthood clinic


The undercover filmmakers at Live Action are back, with a new round of videos shot at Planned Parenthood clinics across America.  This time, the subject is “gendercide” – abortions performed for no other reason than the parents’ desire to have a boy instead of a girl.

Planned Parenthood is apparently comfortable with gendercide… and in the first video of Live Action’s “Protect Our Girls” project, a staffer at a Texas clinic is not above suggesting a little Medicaid fraud to finance it:

Live Action’s actress frankly informs Planned Parenthood staffer “Rebecca” that she wants to abort her baby if it’s a girl, because she’s really got her heart set on having a boy.  Rebecca helpfully suggests waiting until five months into the pregnancy, when the sex of the baby can be reliably detected.  She concedes that doctors and clinicians frequently express horror at the notion of performing a late-term abortion for sex-selection purposes, because “the brain is already developed, a lot… pretty much everything is already developed.”

She therefore advises keeping the whole “gendercide” angle a private matter between the pregnant mother and the entirely non-judgmental Planned Parenthood staff.  Rebecca claims Planned Parenthood “usually” tells mothers who want sex-selection abortions, “you don’t actually have to say what you’re gonna go do.”  She’s got a list of OB/GYNs who don’t ask too many questions ready to go.

Once her regrettably penis-deficient unviable tissue mass has been disposed of, the actress tells Rebecca that she wants to get pregnant again as quickly as possible, leading to either a baby boy, or another abortion.  Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary!  Of course, Medicaid frowns on such elective abortions, but Planned Parenthood will happily keep them in the dark, too.  “Good luck, and I hope that you do get your boy!” the PP staffer chirps.

Judgmentalism is such a drag when you’re trying to wage a “war on women,” isn’t it?  Especially since, as Live Action notes, “9 out of 10 Americans oppose sex-selection abortion.”  Gendercide is described as “a growing problem in America,” while it’s already erased 200 million girls around the world.  Not all of them were still in the womb when they got erased.

“The United States is one of the few industrialized democracies where it is still legal to abort a baby girl just because of her gender,” Live Action president Lila Rose said in a statement, released in support of a bill called the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (H.R. 3541.)  “The brutal practice of targeting baby girls through sex-selective abortion is happening across the world and is spreading at an alarming rate, and Live Action will release information in the coming days showing sex-selection abortion has made it to America, too.  We applaud this move by Congress to protect these young girls and look forward to this legislation going to the floor this coming week.”

Planned Parenthood always dismisses Live Action videos by claiming they’ve managed to catch a few “rogue elements” who don’t represent the organization’s official (or, more importantly, unofficial) policies.  They’re approaching “Occupy Wall Street” levels of infiltration by “rogue elements.”  It’s funny that Planned Parenthood spends so much time excoriating Live Action, instead of hiring them to help clear all the loose cannon from their decks.

The public face of the abortion lobby spends a great deal of time insisting things like this don’t happen.  Unfortunately for them, Live Action has little difficulty producing videotaped documentation to the contrary.