Good flip-flop, bad flip-flop

This grand time of year, the Nugent family is deep into flip-flopping, as in the flip-flopping of bluegill and crappie as we reel them in and filet them for the family dinner table. Beyond yummy.

Talk radio HammerGod of logic, Sean Hannity, hit the liberal hypocrisy media nail squarely on the head the other day.

In the epitome of logic celebration, Hannity stated that when a liberal changes positions, liberals chime in that he or she is “evolving”, but when a conservative changes positions that he or she is “flip-flopping” and cannot be trusted.

Hannity, of course, was referring to President Obama’s new view on homosexual marriage. The president has now “evolved” into personally supporting homosexual marriage. How timely.

I respect people who, when presented with logic, pragmatism and facts, upgrade their positions accordingly, which is exactly why I don’t trust Democrats.

Hannity is on to something. I typed “conservative flip flops” and “liberal flip flops” into  Google returned roughly 5.2 million hits on “conservative flip flops” while returning only 3.4 million hits on “liberal flip flops.”


It’s all in the flip-flopping spin.

For example, the left will bombard us with their class-warfare claptrap by claiming Gov. Romney does not understand the plight of ordinary Americans due to his tremendous wealth. 

What the left will not tell Americans is that seven of the top ten wealthiest congressmen are Democrats. That’s ironic considering that, according to the Democrats, it is Republicans who are supposed to be the fabulously well-to-do.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating for one of our lapdog media types to ask the president that if Governor Romney cannot understand the plight of ordinary Americans due to his wealth that we should also assume that Sen. Kerry, Sen. Rockefeller and Rep. Pelosi also do not understand the economic woes of ordinary Americans due to their tremendous wealth?

It’s no secret the televised and print media are dominated by left-wing ideologues who support the Democrat Party.  Their left-leaning bias has and will continue to “spin” their reporting of conservative “flip flops” while using words such as “evolving” when describing liberals who change their positions.

The abject left-leaning bias of the media is arguably one of the main reasons why the majority of Americans do not trust the media. According to a September, 2001 Gallop poll, 55 percent of Americans have little to no trust of the media. This level of distrust is well deserved.

Americans will need to have their radars finely tuned as the campaign season heats up. We would be wise to not trust the Democratic stronghold media to accurately report the news objectively.  Thankfully, the number of Americans who watch the national evening news continues to shrink. 

In fact, we would be very wise to not entrust the economy to the Democratic Party. Their policies are designed to strangle the economy instead of unleashing the power of the free market. If there is one thing the Democratic Party has never flipped-flopped on in the previous 40 years is their addiction to expanding government at all levels of runaway spending.

Sean Hannity and all the others who pointed out the hypocrisy of the media deserve our praise and admiration. We all better put Hannity’s shining crowbar of perfect logic to perfect use between now and November and hope there are still enough Americans who get it.