ObamaCare: Secret deals and broken promises


The House Energy and Commerce Committee has been conducting an investigation into the backroom deals made during the passage of ObamaCare.  They’ve released some information about the relationship between the White House and the pharmaceutical industry, and promise more to come.

Meanwhile, the committee has produced a video called “ObamaCare: Secret Deals and Broken Promises,” contrasting President Obama’s campaign promises with his actual behavior.  It’s a striking contrast.  The first half of the video is culled from Obama campaign material, and portrays a candidate who essentially declared himself the sworn enemy of everything the second half chronicles.

It’s useful to consistently remind voters of just how shadowy, and sloppy, the crafting of ObamaCare was.  Far from an open public discussion designed to build consensus, it was a furtive cascade of Washington deal-making, in which all semblance of reason was crushed beneath political expedience and ideology.  No one should be allowed to pretend this was a logical attempt to define a serious problem, and design a carefully reasoned solution… even if they’re foolish enough to accept the premise this was a “problem” the government should have been granted the power to “solve.”