Obama's embarrassing primary night

The Democrat primaries did not go well for the incumbent President on Tuesday night.  Barack Obama pulled less than sixty percent of the vote in both Arkansas and Kentucky. 

He might just be able to break 60 percent in Arkansas when they finish counting all the votes, but Arkansas remains the more embarrassing state for Obama, because a single challenger – unknown, unfunded Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe, scored 41 percent of the vote.  Wolfe is running as a former supporter disappointed by Obama’s poor and dishonest performance in office.  He says he wants to repeal ObamaCare, because it’s… well, poor and dishonest.

Arkansas had an open primary, so a bit of cross-party mischief probably helped Wolfe get to 41 percent.  Obama is very unlikely to capture either of these states during the general election, so it’s not as if someone just pulled 41 percent of his vote in Illinois.  Still, it’s not good news for President tumbling through a series of very bad weeks, with a number of swing states beginning to look like very rough terrain.  A new Quinnipiac poll has Romney ahead by six points in Florida, 47-41. 

On a day when Obama’s primary campaign activity involves explaining his campaign to outraged Democrats who pronounce themselves “nauseated” by it, a forty percent vote of no confidence in two different states is not encouraging. 

Well, at least John Wolfe probably won’t cause much more trouble for Barack Obama.  Wolfe is registered in next week’s primary, but it will be held in… oh, right:  Texas.