Brutal Benevolence

During a recent visit to the grocery store I experienced an evolution.

Oh, come on, conservatives get to evolve too, you greedy progressives. It’s much more fun to evolve than to flip-flop. Besides, it’s much more elegant to say ‘evolution’ than ‘flip flop.’  And as you know, we Republication, conservative, woman-hating, homophobic one percenters demand elegance.  It’s just part of our ingrained elitism.

Anyhoo, when I was at the aforementioned grocery store, I witnessed something that at the same time broke my heart as well as disgusted and angered me.  An anachronism, perhaps, but it can be described best in the phrase ‘brutal benevolence.’  This could be a perfect microcosm of the insanity of liberalism, the misguidedness of Michelle Obama’s statist efforts and of the helplessness of those trapped within the boundaries of such ‘brutal benevolence.’

I was in line at the checkout stand behind a black family, which consisted of an embarrassed, overweight mother with two very attractive, normal-weight and clueless teenagers. The mother was ‘paying’ for her groceries with food stamps, and was hating every second of the experience. She clearly found the whole thing to be thoroughly humiliating.

The grocery clerk wasn’t too wild about it, either.

For one thing, the amount of time it took for the handling official to examine the articles being purchased, and to then address the documents necessary for the nightmarish processes demanded by the federal government, prolonged the excruciating embarrassment on the part of the user of these government benefits. This occured even before the seemingly intermidable amount of work appeared before the increasingly resentful clerk. 

The rules involved in the use of food stamps are obviously lengthy and draconian, as the clerk had to do a thorough check of every article being purchased by the more and more agitated mother. 

At one point, the grocery clerk, who had been scrutinizing what was to him a highly suspicious jar of peanut butter, handed it back to the mother, saying, “You can only get regular peanut butter with your food stamps, not low fat, “ so the poor woman, in front of too many eyes for her comfort and dignity, most especially those of her children, had to leave the check out line to exchange the offending article for the federally approved one.

So, let’s figure out this particular bit of federally approved – no, not just approved, mandated – liberal insanity. 

Michelle Obama, the wife of our current president, has made it her work as our first lady to spend billions of dollars that we do not have to fight childhood obesity, with the clear emphasis on black families.  She has caused federal and state mandates to be enacted, at great cost to the American taxpayer, forcing American schools to get rid of various stations and machines dispensing tasty but dangerous – the level of danger determined by those who know better in our government – foodstuffs, to be replaced by state of the art, meaning, of course, the most expensive possible, salad bars, stations and machines.

I am not making this up: machines have been developed to dispense carrot sticks, raw broccoli and similar veggie treats, in order to please our first lady. And she’s the only one, as they certainly don’t please any self respecting teenager. 

Mrs. Obama also forced through Congress a piece of legislation entitled the “Child Nutrition Act,” which forces the government to spend $4.5 billion, paid for by us with money we don’t have and don’t want further stolen from us, to do among other things, fund the food workers’ unions, long-time supporters of her husband’s political ambitions. 

And this is just one of the facets of Mrs. Obama’s ambitious program to take yet more of our money for yet another useless federal program.

This vast expenditure of federal funds is all being done simultaneous to the federal government, that cares about, and knows about American children so much more than their parents do, or so claimed by Mrs. Obama. 

This is the government that knows better, the government that forbids a black mother from buying low-fat rather than regular peanut butter for her children, in the government’s preeminent anti-poverty food program of many years duration, the food stamp program.  Clearly that means that we need to create another federal program to counter the effects of this decades long practice by calling for more federal funds to be spent to counteract the affects of all this federally mandated fat being ingested by the poor in our nation. 

We all know by now that the social engineering programs of the left forced on the needy in this country have nothing to do with their needs, and everything to do with maintaining power over them.  And yet we still allow the left to hijack billions of the dollars we work to earn to fund yet another, and another, and another, of these programs that are complete wastes of time, effort and money, all the while realizing that these social engineering projects will never work, and will never cease. 

The left will always come up with lovely slogans of how all they want to do is ‘help the children,’ or some such, and then, boom, another $100 billion of our money goes up in smoke.

This is while we watch the continued destruction of the black family in America.  The lady I saw as the recipient of federal largesse wasn’t starving, but she also wasn’t very grateful to her ‘betters’ who had provided this government boon. She was angry and embarrassed, but she took it because she either felt she had no choice, or that it was her due. 

Either way, the system that was created and is being perpetuated by the Michelle Obamas of this world not only destroys the spirits and souls of those it purports to help, it obviously destroys their bodies as well by forcing their victims to purchase only high fat products. Not only the mother, but her children were being trapped in the confines of this left-inspired program of brutal benevolence, with the despair she so obviously felt a side effect that means nothing to the social engineers who came up with this particular bit of progressive brilliance.