Far Left Protesters Attack Police at Chicago NATO Summit

Far left protesters attacked police today at the Chicago NATO Summit. The young hoodlums chucked sticks and bottles at the officers.

CBS Local reported:

In a massive show of force, police in riot gear clashed violently with protesters at the end of the anti-NATO summit march on Sunday afternoon. The clash occurred at 22nd Street and Michigan Avenue–a few blocks away from where President Obama and other world leaders were meeting for the NATO summit–as the protesters tried to leave the rally at the end of a huge anti-NATO march.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy was seen right in the middle of the fray, directing his officers. Police were yelling at the crowd to move back as some of the protesters tried to rupture the line and threw objects at officers.

The objects bounced off police officers, who wore riot-control gear. Several people could be seen being taken into custody.

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