Castro's activist daughter granted U.S. visa

The U.S. State Department has granted Cuban President Raul Castro’s activist daughter Mariela Castro a U.S. visa to attend an academic conference in San Francisco put on by the left-wingers at the Latin American Studies Association.

An apologist for her family’s communist regime Mariela is also ostensibly an advocate for gay rights (though, one wonders how a person can enjoy gay rights without any other human rights.) The decision was met with harsh reaction from Cuban-Americans groups and the nation’s highest profile Cuban-American politician, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, issued the following statement:

I think the U.S. government’s decision to grant the daughter of Raul Castro a visa to come to the United States and spread the propaganda of her father’s regime is outrageous and an enormous mistake. Not only that, it sends a terrible message to the democratic movement in Cuba, to those brave people in Cuba who every single day resist and speak out against the tyranny of the Castro brothers. Meanwhile, we are granting a visa to his daughter, who is not just his daughter.  She is an arm of his regime, an outspoken supporter and is coming to the United States to spread their anti-American propaganda. It is shameful that they would grant that visa.

Democratic Sen. Robert Menéndez also raises an interesting question: Should Castro the Younger be qualified for an entry visa at all? Presidential Proclamation 5377, signed by Ronald Reagan, prohibits granting non-immigrant visas to member of Cuba’s Communist Party.

Castro is scheduled to take part on a panel about sexual diversity and politics on May 24th.

She is also scheduled to speak at the New York Public Library on May 29th about Cuba’s policy of providing free sex reassignment surgery.


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