This Week in History

Rhode Island denounces King George III
This Day in History: A tiny colony takes a momentous step

On May 4, 1776, Rhode Island kick started the revolution when it became the first colony to officially announce its independence from King George III. It was a long time coming for the small and struggling colony.
When the British crown began placing taxes on the colonists for commodities such as molasses and sugar, Rhode Islanders began trading with other countries to avoid the burdening taxes.

Victory in Europe Day

This Day in History: Nazi Germany surrenders to the Allies

On May 8, 1945, Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered to the United States and its allies, ending six years of war in Europe. Victory in Europe (V-E) Day marked the end of a war that would change Europe, the United States and the world forever. American President Harry Truman was also born on May 8, 1884, and he would play a large part in the events following V-E Day.

Misguided government policy leads to America’s first ‘Tea Party’
This Day in History: The Tea Act enacted by British parliament

On May 10, 1773 British Parliament passed the “Tea Act,” which forced American colonists to buy tea from the East India Trading Company. This, along with other “Intolerable Acts,” would lead directly to the American Revolution and the separation between Great Britain and its American colonies.