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MSNBC host thoughtfully demonstrates what “bullying??? looks like


I know I should let the latest self-destructing Obama campaign meme die.  I should stop making fun of the lightweights who think the “Mitt Romney is a bully” story will start showing some life, if they just pound on its chest a couple more times.  I keep trying to get out, but they keep pulling me back in.  It’s just too damned funny.

In that spirit, here’s MSNBC host Tamron Hall absolutely losing her marbles at Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner, because he refuses to take Romney’s youthful clipcrime seriously, and dares to criticize the tactics used by the media to keep the zombie narrative lurching along.  Apparently, Carney was not allowed to hold that opinion.  Meta-narratives might be OK, but meta-meta-narratives are not allowed in Tamron Hall’s house.

“So that’s the first time a TV host cut off my mic,” Carney remarked via Twitter.  “Best part: when she put me back on camera at the end to yell at me while I had a dead mic.”

Hey, that sounds like… like… bullying!  I’ll bet this was actually meant to be an interactive demonstration of what bullying looks like!  Infotainment is awesome.

My favorite part is when Hall declares, “Listen, fifty years ago, I was a much tougher kid probably than Mitt Romney was in high school.”  She’s 42 years old.  This Mother’s Day, please spare a kind thought for Tamron Hall’s mom, who apparently endured one of the longest and toughest deliveries ever recorded by medical science to bring her into the world.

Out of curiosity, how many drunken French rugby teams did Tamron Hall engage in fistfights when she was a teenager?

Update: For the benefit of anyone momentarily tempted to take Hall’s side because Carney was “dodging” the question, he later clarified that “the question I was sent for the Romney bullying segment was ‘Does the story matter?’  So I was answering it, not dodging.”

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