Top 10 products Obama will force us to buy

In the unlikely event that the Supreme Court allows ObamaCare’s individual mandate to survive, be prepared for an onslaught of new rules and regulations that force products upon us in order to advance the liberal agenda…

1. Broccoli

Justice Antonin Scalia advanced the prospect of government-mandated broccoli during the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare oral arguments. “Everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli,” Scalia said. The left has long been obsessed with what we put into our bodies—from transfat and salt, to tobacco and red meat. Be prepared for a Department of Eating Healthily, with Michelle Obama in charge.

2. Chevy Volt

General Motors’ Chevy Volt was doomed to fail as consumers did not exactly flock to the showrooms for the overpriced, underperforming vehicle. Production of the Volt has been suspended and the dream of an electric car is endangered. According to the left, oil is evil, therefore the internal combustion engine must go. So be prepared to plug in your government-mandated electric car in order to save the world from global warming.

3. $5 gallon of gas

With Obama placing a good part of America’s energy resources off-limits for development, the price of gas at the pump continues to rise. The higher the better, in order to wean us from our dependence on oil. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see prices rise under this President, as he essentially promised higher energy costs when he was running for office.

4. Contraceptives

Under ObamaCare, everyone will be paying for contraceptives whether they need them or not. The misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandated that contraception be fully covered by health care exchanges, not even costing the recipient a co-pay. That means you will be subsidizing the sexual activity of your neighbors, co-workers, and prostitutes.

5. Inconvenient Truth movie

The left still wants us all to believe that global warming is imperiling the world and would rather not have us dwell on inconvenient inconsistencies in the theory. What with Climategate e-mails, flat temperatures, and scientists speaking out against global warming alarmism, the left is seeing their pet issue peter out. How better to reignite the cause than to require everyone to watch Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth?


The Obama administration has virtually declared war on Fox News, taking issue with its hard-hitting coverage. In the past, liberals have flirted with reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, hoping to silence right-wing critics. If emboldened by an Obama re-election victory, attempts to limit Fox and beam MSNBC into everyone’s home could be in the works.

7. Solar panels

President Obama is trying his hardest develop a viable green-energy industry in the United States, funneling billions of dollars to solar-panel makers. The problem is that there isn’t much of a market for the devices and the companies that the president has chosen haven’t done too well—witness the bankruptcy of Solyndra. Get ready for a new push to install the panels in residences throughout America.

8. Union-label goods

Big Labor has Obama in their pocket, witness the GM bailout that was a sweetheart deal for the United Auto Workers and the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling against Boeing building a plant in South Carolina. Expect more of the same with union-made goods getting a leg up over their non-union rivals.

9. Algae

Here is yet another ill-fated idea meant to put an end to U.S. oil dependence: Algae is the fuel of the future. According to President Obama, pond-scum can be harvested and turned into energy to power America. Soon, everyone will be scrapping the green algae from the bottom of their fish tanks.

10. Hoodies

As the Trayvon Martin shooting reached a boiling point, the civil rights lobby has turned the hoodie into the latest symbol of resistance to white oppression. One might expect the President to try to rise above the fray and seek to heal the nation. Instead, Obama’s re-election campaign sent a Twitter message reminding supporters that they could buy an Obama hoodie. The tweet said, “Let everyone know whose team you’re on for 2012 with today’s merchandise steal: the college-style hooded sweatshirt.”