Thinking Right: The World Economic Forum, Or, Is Davos Your Friend?

Our betters have met in Davos in the recent past, and there is something you should know about this ‘influential’ annual global economic meeting.

I know Davos.

I have been to Davos. 

Davos is not our friend.

I speak, of course, of the annual World Economic Forum which is held in the glorious ski capital of Davos, in Switzerland. 

This yearly convocation was created in order to better economic conditions throughout the world, with the ultimate solution to the world’s economic problems largely being that the United States is to pay for everything that might possibly improve the world’s population in general. This, of course, results in the economic devastation of the aforementioned United States of America, but no matter. 

There is such an annual effort in this deceptively charming Swiss ski village to destroy the United States economically as we Americans currently know it, or rather, as we knew it before the ascension to the ultimate power of the Left in the form of Barack Obama. The global group at Davos tries each year, since its inception in 1970, to do elegantly and internationally to America what Barack Obama is doing brutally and with such vulgarity to us nationally from Washington, which is pretty much screwing America, its people and their descendants.

Davos itself is a small but spectacular place; to be in, to get to, to stay in. The locality itself is not just beautiful, it is breathtaking, and it contains not only a charming landscape, a lovely village and environs, but it also contains beautiful people due to the fact that it is as expensive as it is exclusive. 

Does you think the phrase ‘limousine liberal’ applies in this case?  Does Dominique Strauss-Kahn just fit this international confab like a glove? These elitists, who want to steal and then spend your money on what they think is best for all the idiots over whom they rule, truly feel that they are entitled to what Davos offers. We, on the other hand, not so much.

During the week of each year that the international elite are in residence in this Swiss village to determine the economic future of the world, agreement is usually reached, as it was this year, and as it is largely every year, that basically America and its people are selfish and bad and that emerging nations and their people are deserving and good. 

The nightmare that we Americans have caused and are continuing to cause worldwide, just by being who we are, where everything everywhere that isn’t working, is our fault. It is our total responsibility. It also demonstrates that capitalism, the economic system of the United States, is as evil as we are, which is really saying something re: the evil scale according to the globalists at Davos. 

We Americans must, therefore, continue to work as hard as we always have so we can be taxed even more than we currently are, both nationally and internationally, by the various leftists in charge of both.  This is to ensure that we create even more resources to provide to the rest of the world, as they are much more deserving and worthy of our money than we are, while we speed further and further and more rapidly towards our decline. One percenters as we Americans all are, don’t you know; according to the globalists, anyway.

And with Obama in charge, there is no one to champion America. So the globalists win, whether incrementally, or otherwise.

The delegates at Davos have this year, again as every year for the past 42 years of this annual meeting, decided that Americans must continue to beaver away to fund all the programs that would support everyone from the bums on the streets of Detroit to the unfortunates living in the hillside slums of Rio de Janero.  The government, both ours and that of the globe, which will become one and the same once the Davos crowd has completed its work, will insure that Americans maintain our labor to support the masses internationally whom we have so victimized in our short and venomous history.

The almost week long session of the World Economic Forum is as active socially as it is for its business, and as such there are several different levels of international elites in attendance, all of whom, no matter what their level, are taken seriously by this crowd. 

Such renowned “world leaders” as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (past years) deigned to provide their intellectual weight; and Mick Jagger (this year) who was also pleased to offer his intellectual power to the proceedings. The current Administration provides, and has provided, copious representation this and in past years in the form of Larry Summers, Hillary Clinton, (whose jet setting husband Bill has been a regular at Davos), and Timothy Geithner, among many others of that ilk. 

Suffice it to say that the America-hating representatives of our America-hating president are treated like rock stars at the annual America-hating show.

The oft-demonstrated and quite ridiculous irony of the annual World Economic Forum can be found most deliciously in the following quote overheard by an enterprising commentator on the meeting.  The scenario involved a pair of very fashionable women, both clad in luxurious fur coats, one of whom, as they were strolling into the WEF’s Congress Center, said to her companion, “There are so many sessions, I can’t decide between ‘hunger’ or ‘poverty.’ ”


But the ‘seriousness’ and potentially disastrous effects of the meeting were reflected in yet another quote, this one official, on the part of Professor Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, who stated at the conclusion of the meeting, that “capitalism, in its current form, no longer fits the world around us.”

To America, with love, from Switzerland.