Ann Romney should lead a 'Moms for Mitt' campaign on Facebook, Twitter

The time is right for the GOP and the Romney camp to get moving online and “one up “the competition. With all of the banter going on between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney, coupled with the steady media and campaign drumbeat around the fact that the Republicans are “waging a war against Women “, my recommendation would be to create an online beachhead today within Facebook.

There is no Facebook site that is a congregation point that would attract “Moms For Mitt.” It’s time that the Romney camp addressed the objection that they are “anti woman” by being aggressive and building a foundation and community of women in our country that are Republican and pro-Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. 

The site would have a goal to sign up One Million Moms in the next 30 days.  Here Mitt Romney would establish a beachhead where they could speak to directly to the issues facing women in our country and the policies of the current administration that have run counter to the best interests of this group of women. It would serve as a rallying post for assembling the top women and mothers in our country who are big believers and evangelizers for the ideals of the Republican Party.

Maybe Mitt convinces Michele Bachmann and Sara Palin to join with Ann Romney in being the leaders of this discussion and community.  It’s an area where the GOP and Mitt Romney could silence their critics on this topic and point to an informational and discussion site that deals in real time with these issues.

Let’s not stop with “Moms for Mitt”. There is a huge population of young women in this country who aren’t buying into the idea that there is a war against their civil liberties. Take a look at what Ron Paul has been able to do on college campuses in assembling and energizing a base of young single men and women who are evangelical about their belief in the ideals of the Republican Party.

If you look across the wide expanse of candidates that the party has run during this primary season, you will see a high concentration of women who are passionate about the candidate and winning back the White House. Let’s identify key leaders in this group (they should be easy to find) and provide them with a similar beachhead within the Facebook and Twitter platforms to assemble, discuss and mobilize their efforts.

This is a group that is desperate for an identity and a congregation point. They are not embarrassed to believe in the Republican platform. Let’s get them some support and enthusiasm to bolster their efforts to assemble and drive the unified agenda.

Ann Romney needs to start “tweeting” regularly. While I know that Mrs. Romney has spent recent days dealing with idiotic critiques of her role as a mother, it’s time that she (and the campaign team behind her) took a much more active role online.

As I write this, first lady Michelle Obama has more than 745,768 Twitter followers.  Ann Romney has but 31,983. Little doubt that the first lady benefits as does the President in all of the attention paid to the Office of the President.  Ann Romney can be a central figure in bringing women together online and providing clarity around the positions of her husband and his administration.  She has been given a tremendous opportunity — given all rancor around Hilary Rosen’s comments — to begin to build a platform for Republican women in our country. She too has the right to voice her opinions and thoughts around the “war against women.”  She can be an incredible asset in the Romney tool kit if used properly online.  Ann Romney should extend the olive branch to Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and the wives of the other primary contenders to join forces with her to build an online coalition of women who are tired of being classified as a group of prisoners of war in the Democratic view of the world. 

This strategy can be strengthened by an extensive online media buy on online sites and outlets that are meeting points for woman across all demographics. It matters little the nature of the content that drives the audience to these locations. For Republicans, it’s time to reach women and other key voter segments where they live, communicate and conduct commerce.  Such a media plan coupled with the Facebook and Twitter strategy outlined above would create an excellent opportunity for Ann and Mitt Romney to intersect with this key group of voters and insure that a distinction is being made between campaign rhetoric and factual information.

There are many more tactical strategies that can be leveraged online by the GOP and the Romney camp.  We need real time answers to real time opportunities like the “Moms for Mitt” issue.  It’s time that those in the GOP and Romney camp began making decisions based on the immediacy of online first and thinking print and television next.