Ted Nugent to King George: And all the King's Men can Drop Dead

No one knew what lay across that intimidating body of water long ago. Nobody knew if the supplies and rations loaded on the big wooden ships would sustain them for their long, uncertain voyage, or if they would even make it alive.

 But everyone did know that the risk could not be any worse than the worthless, meaningless life with which they struggled under the vicious rule of kings, Emperors, slavedrivers, despots and tyrants. The “born a serf, always a serf” status quo of humanity was simply wrong, and powerful instincts and intellect knew damn well that it was not why men were born.

As soon as King George started in with his dominating, evil King crap, the new residents of this new land stopped what they were doing and decided to make a stand against such vile oppression. They didn’t come all the way to America to escape tyranny just to have it rear its ugly head here.

So they gathered together, gathered their thoughts, and began writing down all the undeniable self-evident truths and God-given individual rights which resonated in their minds, hearts and souls. With these well-crafted words, they created documents so that everybody would know the outline by which freedom, liberty, independence and the ultimate quality of life would be determined in the brave new world.

King George, take note: Don’t tread on me. You’re fired.

Then they started shooting the bastards ’till the soulless devils were sent back into the sea and out of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Defiance of evil was the battle cry for our founders, and thank God a few courageous patriots were willing to sacrifice everything for freedom.

It is no surprise that our founders made freedom of speech, religion, assemblage and the press the No.1 God-given individual right guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

Enough innocent blood had been shed at the hands of devil-men for simply speaking out, choosing one’s own religion and gathering in public to demand justice or voice grievances against corrupt dictators. If a man cannot do these basic things, his heart and soul is shackled and imprisoned, both figuratively and literally.

The very next Amendment in our sacred Bill of Rights also comes as no surprise, for history has proven time and time again that when corrupt power abusers wish to increase their corruption and abuse of power, the only way to do so is to make certain the subjects are unarmed and helpless to defend themselves.

The mighty right to keep and bear arms needs no interpretation or explanation to thinking, intelligent folk.

“Keep” simply means, ‘It is mine, and you can’t have it.’

“Bear” means one thing and one thing only: ‘I have mine on me, and it is loaded.’

That there is an argument about these terms and rights in America today is both sad and embarrassingly predictable. When America has fallen to such a tragic low where there are four Americans with the titles “supreme” and “judges” who represent the ultimate law of the land, who dare to sign their names to a decree stating that Americans not only do not have the fundamental right to own guns, but astonishingly, also believe that Americans have no basic right to self-defense, it is both heartbreaking and deeply offensive that such undeniable human rights are disregarded and denied by four Supreme Court Justices.

To think that so many heroic warriors of the U.S. Military have fought and died for the defense and enforcement of the U.S. Constitution, while authoritative Americans violate their oath to do the same, is as outrageous as outrageous can be. Free men cry tears of blood.

All the words in the U.S. Constitution say what they mean and mean what they say. Every word in the Bill of Rights is clear and unambiguous, unless you believe more in the tyranny from which we escaped than the American Dream of individual freedom we fight and die for.

The election in November 2012 can be best summed up by the line drawn in the sand as identified by these documents of freedom, and the willingness of we the people in this exceptional experiment in self-government that demands American citizens remain steadfast for truth and logic.

Myself, as much as I enjoy the joys of marksmanship discipline, I think I celebrate the First Amendment even more. If a free man has to be afraid of speaking his mind and choosing his or her religion, tyrants can easily rise up again to have their evil ways.

Celebrate these uniquely American freedoms, my friends, or lose them forever.