Liberals vs. Fresh Food

Liberal hypocrisy is easy to spot: Obama in a 22 SUV and limo motorcade driving to a Nevada solar plant to denounce Big Oil and tout alternatives, for example.

But hypocrisy is hardening into something grotesque.

The Liberal monster is eating its own tail.

Liberals who preached solar energy for decades oppose a solar energy plant in California’s Mojave Desert because a hundred acres of solar panels might endanger desert tortoise habitat in a desert stretching hundreds of square miles.

Liberals who preached wind energy for decades oppose wind projects off Massachusetts because of “visual blight” and elsewhere because the turbines kill endangered birds.

Liberals who rallied to protect us from George Bush shredding the First Amendment meekly accept Obama’s plan to control the Internet.

Liberals who denounced Southern California for drinking water from Northern California now oppose desalinization projects in Southern California which would lessen the water transfer.

But nowhere is this madness more hilarious than the Liberal War on Fresh Food.

First, of course, Liberals love fresh food to fight childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama famously promotes the virtues of fresh food in her anti-obesity campaign. She has influenced school districts across the country to take a hard look at the school food programs and offer healthier alternatives.

The White House now sports a fresh food garden and urban gardens are sprouting up in every city.

A renewed interest in healthy fruits and vegetables, aided by a growing number of websites, has produced such gardens in front and back yards of homes across the country.

Forgotten is what caused this obesity epidemic in the first place. It wasn’t just sugar drinks and pizza.

Liberal objections to dodge ball, competitive sports, trophies for winning, etc. combined with school district budget cuts caused by public employee union control of those districts, eliminated physical activity in too many schools for students just maturing into their adult bodies.

Worse than this hypocrisy is the concurrent Liberal War on Fresh Food.

At the federal government level, and in every state, Liberals fight to control food — food growing, food processing, food distribution and food sales. New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg even wants to dictate menu choices in New York restaurants.

You can have fresh food of their choice, but not fresh food of your choice.

Take the recent slaughter of pigs in Michigan, for example.

The State of Michigan, through its Department of Natural Resources, has declared pigs raised on small farms “feral”, and, as of April 1, warned small farmers to destroy the pigs or the state will invade the farms and kill the pigs.

Failure to destroy the pigs would, says the order, result in a felony prosecution.

“Feral” is defined as:

a. Existing in a wild or untamed state or b. Having returned to an untamed state from domestication.

The word derives from a Latin word (fera) meaning wild thing. The pigs in question are not wild; they are domesticated.

Michigan has fallen prey to the whacky notion that there are “native” species as opposed to “invasive species.”

Pick a date (usually before the arrival of white settlers) and every plant and animal found in the area before that date is “native” and every animal and plant to arrive after that date is “invasive.”

This arbitrary classification ignores the whole idea of ecology. Plants and animals are constantly shifting habitat.

Plants and animals introduced by the pre-settler “native” Americans are “native.” Plants and animals introduced by the settler generations are “invasive.” Stupid.

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued an “Invasive Species Order” (ISO) against so-called red haired pigs as invasive despite the fact that these pigs never lived in the wild in Michigan and are part of the DNA of small farm breed stock that are domesticated, not wild.

In other words, the small farm pigs do not “contaminate” the wild pigs of Michigan anymore than the large pig farms (who may have been behind the ISO) do.

Last week, small farms in Cheboygan County and Kalkaska County were raided by armed DNR agents who slaughtered the farmers’ pigs. In one instance the farmer was forced to shoot all his own pigs or face arrest.

When reached for comment by my show, Ed Golder the public information officer from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources denied that armed MI-DNR agents raided any farms or killed any pigs, as has been claimed in the original Natural News article.

Big Government will decide which fresh food you will be permitted to eat.