'Ann Romney for First Lady' stickers big hit in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Pa. — Days after a feminist pundit criticized Ann Romney for not working outside her home, her fans in Pennsylvania are fighting back with a new lapel sticker: “Ann Romney for First Lady.”
Among the 1,100-plus guests at the Lancaster County Republican dinner here last night, the lapel sticker caught on and was widely seen throughout the evening.  Former State Rep. Katie True wore the sticker as she introduced Ann’s husband Mitt Romney as “the next president of the United States.”
Human Events caught up with the creator of the popular sticker, former GOP county committeewoman Lou Cook of Lancaster.
“I just got so annoyed when they said she had not worked,” Cook told us. “I raised three children and I can tell you that that’s work.  But they will just do anything to discredit Mitt and Ann, and I wanted to do something about it.”  By “they,” Cook said she meant feminist Hilary Rosen, who made the remarks about Ann Romney and added: “I don’t like her at all.”

During the VIP reception before the dinner, Lancaster Republican Registrar of Voters Bonnie Bowman presented Mitt Romney with his own sticker calling for his wife to be first lady.

“She’s in New York at a fund-raiser and couldn’t be here,” said Romney, promising to show her the lapel sticker.  He declined to wear one during his own remarks but told Bowman: “I strongly endorse the sentiments.”