Oh, To Have A Communist Friend

Sometimes I really wish I had a communist friend.

You see, I really need to have it explained to me what the point is of hating and wanting to destroy someone simply because he or she is successful. It seems to enrage the left, who are tragically currently in power, that anyone without the ‘help’ of government who is financially successful is simply very, very bad. 

These ‘evil’ 1 percenters as they are now known, must have the unacceptable manifestations of their success taken from them, virtually as soon as they make it, and it must be reassigned to the 99percenters, which in the case of the Obama government is…the government.

To those who waste time listening to the left in their endless and tiresome class warfare screeds against the wealthy, please note that the deserving; i.e., the poor, the hungry, the fat, the non-English speaking, the needy, the non-tax paying, the non-ID holders, the victims of any kind, in effect, the entire national Democrat constituency,  DO NOT receive the money these elite leftists steal from those who achieve in the United States. 

It is not the poor and/or deserving who are the recipients of these ill-gotten monies, it is…the government.

The government, embodied in Barack Hussein Obama and his like-minded followers, is neither benign nor good in this effort; nor in any effort, actually.  Not only do those who succeed suffer under this administration’s implementation of its marxist philosophy, but those at the other end, who have no hope of succeeding because they have been sucked into the miasma of government entitlement, suffer as well, and often even more.

Despite this, at this particular point in time, the only thing that seems to be the raison d’etre (French for ‘reason for being’) offered to justify the re-election of president Barack Hussein Obama is this utopian nightmare. 

Quite frankly, I cannot see any other benefits to the current enactment of this communist, and actually quite silly, class warfare. And there are, quite frankly, quite a few who (understatement noted), do not find this result a benefit.

I have searched far and wide and have still not yet found another benefit, no matter how far afield I look, and no matter how dubious the first.  You see why I need a communist friend?  I need to understand why this class warfare exists, and why this ferocious fight against those who produce in this country, is a good thing.

We don’t even need to mention the historical fact that no matter how often these kind of controlled governments, and economies, are tried, that they not only never work, but that they always cause misery and disaster for the people forced to live in such societies. 

Leftists and statists, like Obama and his fellow travellers, are not believers in history, nor fact, nor truth, nor common sense, not even the obvious. So, instead, they blame whatever they think is wrong on Bush, on capitalism, on Europe, on the other party, on the Middle East, on acid reflux or possibly climate change – no matter which evildoer is responsible, this time, the left will make its glorious policies work – this time the impossible utopia will be achieved!  Workers of the world, unite, or some such.

It doesn’t work. 

It still doesn’t work. 

It will never work. 

It is truly not a good thing to steal money from those who made it to give it to the government trusting that the government bureaucrats will give it to those who do not produce, who, by the way, are actually not more deserving than those who actually make the money. 

Those determined by the government to be so may in fact be deserving, but they do not help in maintaining a nation.  They draw from the resources of a nation, and those who are bled dry in supporting these non-producers pretty soon figure out that it is not in their interest to keep producing when others benefit from their labor.

So, the end result is always that the producers either stop producing or go somewhere else where they can begin again to produce, and to, naturally, be rewarded for their efforts.

Ergo, the wealth-destroying, income-redistributive, non-producer and government-supporting thieves of  the wealth of a nation destroy the prosperity of that nation.  The final result is that there’s no money for anyone.

So, what’s the point?  The money the statists use all these lovely words to steal from us never gets to the people the leftists claim they exist to help.  What it does do, though, is to create more money for Barack’s golf travels, Michelle’s luxury vacations, the first couple’s friends, whether they are in or out of jail, Obama’s labor union buddies, though only the leaders, never the union rank and file (not elite enough to be friends of the Obamas), unrepentant terrorists and the like. 

This situation, which we have observed for three and a half years, is one that will go on until there is no more money, or as the inestimable Mrs. Thatcher once said, there is no more “of other people’s money.”

This truly vicious and quite passionate hatred on the part of these leftists never abates, though. Any American who succeeds is suspect to these people, and they will never stop until they have taken all the wealth they can from America’s achievers. 

This is clearly the central focus of Barack Hussein Obama’s and his sychophants’ re-election strategy, as they hasten to assure all who will listen that all the rich (and the determinate amount keeps trending down) people are evil, hateful, greedy, dishonest, un-American, and worst of all, UNFAIR.  It is simply not fair that one person has lots of stuff, and someone else doesn’t have as much. 

That really is the basis of how these people think.

And, no, the people who really think this way are not 14 years old.They, like Obama, are living in a vacuum-sealed, progressive bubble of a utopian existence, where they have all the power, and benignly rule over a complacent, grateful and silent populace who, since they no longer have any access to anything like what can happen through individual achievement, will just live out.  Which it will.

Our nation’s citizens would thus have seen the last of any corporate jet owners, or yacht operators, or fur-wearers, unless of course it was one of our leaders, a Michelle Obama type.  Jets, yachts and minks, though no longer the results of thriving industries, will continue to exist to serve the likes of our betters, who are so superior to us that we need them to decide what it best for us.

And what is best? 

We will no longer have our own money; we won’t have our own car; we will not have our own house; we will send our children to state schools; we will work within the government where we are assigned; and we will send the majority of the little we make in a statist society to our government, which goes to support  those who know better how we should live, and who rule us, eventually, in every way.

See why I need a communist friend?  I can’t understand, as lawyers say, ‘qui bono’, that is, who benefits?  The only one I can think of is Michelle Obama, and I don’t think there are even any communists left who want to work to have their efforts support her in the manner to which she has become accustomed.

It still doesn’t make any sense to me. When they suck rich people dry, the result is no more money to steal and no more rich people to produce any more money.  Then, without money and without people from whom to steal, there is no more power, and even the altruistic commies would then be out of business.

It am so perplexed with all this that I don’t even think that I am asking for a communist friend anymore. 

Just to hear from anyone who a left leaning, wealth redistributing type who can satisfactorily explain to me how this insanity is at all workable would be wonderful. 

My gratitude to hear this explained would reached into my deep pockets; uh oh, now I’ve gone and done it.  Oh well, if Obama is elected again, it’s all gone anyway, so at least I’ll understand why all about me is destroyed, and we have become a Soviet state.

Is this success to a communist?

That could work, I guess. For them, not for us. Not for the real Americans who are funding their communist dream.