Escalation: Marine gets punished for tweeting

A Marine who posted a racially insensitive tweet referencing Trayvon Martin will receive punishment from higher-ups, MarineCorpsTimes reports.

Now, I would never defend the content of that tweet, which was at best highly inappropriate. But in an age of budget cuts and belt tightening, do the services really need to start policing the internet too? As someone who has frequented military Facebook groups for work and curiosity, I can tell you that, while troops are typically pretty good at observing the rules of Operational Security, their pages are often sprinkled with obscenity, racial and sexist remarks, comments celebrating violence, and every sort of political incorrectness. Basically, it’s the kind of rough-edged barracks talk the military has always had, brought to the internet. 

I have trouble seeing this end in a way that doesn’t get all troops banned from social media altogether. 

That there may be the greatest legacy of Sgt. Gary Stein.