Senior GSA executives "entitled??? to their bonuses


After a brief intermission, the House Oversight Committee’s hearings into the GSA’s culture of waste and abuse resumed, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) came out swinging.

Chaffetz considered the reports of GSA executives collecting big bonuses for their role in pulling off the now-legendary Vegas conference in 2010… and remembered something that has eluded the rest of us, in our outrage over the notion of paying people a bonus because they did a good job organizing a lavish party to celebrate the successful waste of a trillion taxpayer dollars: say, wasn’t there supposed to be a “pay freeze” for federal workers?

You remember the “pay freeze,” don’t you?  President Obama made a big deal about it, during one of his fitful attempts to pretend he cares about any aspect of deficit reduction other than tax increases. 

The answer to Rep. Chaffetz question involved telling America that our top bureaucrats feel “entitled” to their bonuses:

Apparently the only people experiencing a “pay freeze” are the prostitutes of Cartagena.  And that was only fifty bucks.

If there wasn’t “frustration steaming out of your ears” after hearing this, try meditating upon Chaffetz’ journey across the Internet version of the “bridge to nowhere,” as he tries to figure out exactly how the GSA has been spending the rest of its bloated budget:

Oh, well.  I’m sure the Administration will do a better job controlling our health care!



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