NOW President: Attacking Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms is a great idea


Not everyone got the memo when a terrified Obama team began running away from Hilary Rosen, who is not only being disowned, but erased from history.  Chief Obama assassin David Axelrod is actually trying to claim Rosen isn’t a political operative at all, but a CNN employee.  As reported by Politico:

Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod suggested Thursday that the Romney campaign jumped on Hilary Rosen’s comments “like a raft in the deep blue sea” as they drown in “their own problems.”

“It was an unfortunate comment,” Axelrod said on CNN’s “John King USA,” following up on a Wednesday night tweet in which he described Rosen’s remarks — made on CNN — as “inappropriate and offensive.”

Axelrod reminded King that Rosen is “your employee, not ours.”

Though some Romney supporters have identified Rosen as an Obama adviser, Axelrod noted that “she works for CNN. CNN, I think, wouldn’t allow her to be an operative for our campaign or the DNC.”

And he’s claiming the Romney campaign is where all the panic can be found.  Hey, Axelrod, can you tell me how many trillions of taxpayer dollars Mitt Romney made disappear?  How much he’s raised the price of gas?  How high he’s pushed American unemployment?  Are those the kind of “problems” you think his raft is floating in?

David Corn of Mother Jones just tried dismissing Rosen as “an obscure Democratic strategist” on MSNBC.  Photos of Rosen next to various Democrat luminaries, including David Axelrod, are being yanked off the Internet.  God help me, this just gets funnier and funnier.  Yesterday Hilary Rosen was a top-level Obama political advisor with 35 White House visits under her belt.  Today she’s an obscure CNN correspondent.  By Monday, she’ll be a Republican.

One person who evidently didn’t get the memo from Team Obama is NOW president Terry O’Neill, who sat down with Ed Schultz – you know, the guy who called Laura Ingraham a “slut” – to double down on the Ann Romney attack.  O’Neill will probably become an “obscure strategist” nobody has ever heard of by tomorrow morning.

As transcribed by NewsBusters, enjoy a fresh helping of the stupidity that might just have killed the Obama 2012 campaign this week:

TERRY O’NEILL: What would we be saying if Hillary Clinton [sic] had said this: that Ann Romney has never, has not worked for pay outside the home a day in her life?  That’s my understanding that’s an accurate statement, and that raises the exact issue that Hilary Rosen was trying to get to, which is do Mr. & Mrs. Romney have the kind of life experience and if not, the imagination, to really understand what most American families are going through right now? I think that that was what Hilary was getting out, and so she left out the words “for pay outside the home.”

Hear that, stay-at-home moms?  The leader of one of the Democrat Party’s top special-interest groups just said you don’t have the kind of “life experience” or “imagination” to “really understand what most American families are going through right now,” thanks to the failed policies of… wait a second, remind me again, who’s been President for the last few years?  Which party ran both houses of Congress until 2010?

Also, note how O’Neill tries to edit the Rosen quote there.  She did not say that Ann Romney “has never not worked for pay outside the home a day in her life.”  The reason O’Neill retroactively added that to Rosen’s statements is that news of just how busy Ann Romney has kept herself, with endeavors beyond even the hard work of raising five kids, is beginning to leak out. 

Why, Ann Romney even made a point of bragging to college kids about how she “left corporate America, which is what we’re asking young people to do.”  She continued, “Don’t go into corporate America.  You know, become teachers.  Work for the community.  Be social workers.  Be a nurse.  Those are the careers we need, and we’re encouraging our young people to do that.”

But, as Ann Romney cautioned her audience at a day care center, if you make that “choice to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry, then your salaries respond.”  So you can see the devastating point Terry O’Neill was making about inserting her “worked for pay” qualification into the Rosen critique!

Oh, wait a second, that wasn’t Ann Romney saying all that stuff at the day care center.  It was Michelle Obama.  But now we’re supposed to view Ann Romney with sneering contempt because she worked hard on various endeavors that didn’t bring in a paycheck, just like Mrs. Obama told all those people to do, back in 2008… before her husband got busy making sure that earning a paycheck would become far more difficult for women.

The reason Hilary Rosen triggered such a massive train wreck for the Democrats is that she brought two separate, deeply offensive narratives together: the manufactured “War on Women” nonsense, which was designed to scare female voters into abandoning their senses and voting Obama back into office, and the vicious pre-emptive attack to destroy Ann Romney before she started winning female voters to her husband’s ticket. 

Both are suffused with the sneering elitism, rigid ideology, and class-warfare ignorance that power the entire Democrat Party at the national level.  The Party’s leadership has always been terrified that voters will notice how out-of-touch they are, and how much contempt they harbor for the “middle class” and its lifestyle.  They often project their anxieties onto their opponents.