The post-Hilary Rosen White House clown show

As the smoking wreckage of the Democrats’ dumb “War on Women” narrative tumbles from the sky, we can at least enjoy some of the goofier attempts by the terrified White House to distance itself from close advisor and frequent visitor Hilary Rosen, who just became one of America’s most toxic political consultants.

Hapless White House spokesman Jay Carney was reduced to stammering that he personally knows three women named Hilary Rosen, so maybe the one who nuked the Democrat Party into orbit by sneering at Ann Romney’s stay-at-home motherhood isn’t the one who visited the White House 35 times. 

No, seriously.  He really said that.  The Blaze captures the comedy with a transcript:

“I haven’t seen the records. I don’t know that Hilary Rosen– I know three personally, women named Hilary Rosen,” Carney said. “So I‘m not sure that those represent the person we’re talking about necessarily.”

When pressed on her involvement, he added: “I don‘t know how many times she’s been here. … I don’t know how to assess her overall relationship to people here in the White House. I have not seen her here very frequently.”

Michelle Malkin spent an afternoon entertaining herself by walking Carney up and down the stage like a duck in a shooting gallery, publishing Rosen’s entries from the White House visitor logs – and noting that most of these entries used her middle initial.  Meetings with a lot of key Obama players, and the President himself, were abundantly documented.  Let’s just say that airbrushing Rosen out of the White House is going to be harder than digitally removing Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace.

Rosen is also a key figure in the heavily stage-managed Sandra Fluke controversy.  Her high-powered law firm, SKDKnickerbocker, gave Fluke – a 30-year-old professional leftist activist who conned much of the media into treating her as an innocent co-ed, while she pulled ridiculous figures about the cost of birth control out of thin air – pro bono representation.  Rosen’s partner at the firm is… White House communications director Anita Dunn.

John Nolte at noted that President Obama and his team are trying to push Rosen under the bus this afternoon, but Obama personally set up the attack on Ann Romney last Friday, at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy:

“And once Michelle and I had our girls, she gave it her all to balance raising a family and pursuing a career–and something that could be very difficult on her, because I was gone a lot.

“Once I was in the state legislature, I was teaching, I was practicing law, I’d be traveling,” he said. “And we didn’t have the luxury for her not to work.”

It didn’t take long for CNS News to discover that Barack Obama was pulling down $162,000 per year at the time he claims Michelle staying home would be an “unaffordable luxury.”  And the President will not be happy if people begin once again paying attention to the job Michelle Obama ended up with, a $316,000 “community affairs” position that vanished the moment she left.

After spending a day angrily doubling down on her rhetoric, Rosen must have finally checked her four thousand frantic messages from the White House, because she suddenly apologized for the attack on Ann Romney.  She tried to justify her actions in the usual leftist totalitarian terms, claiming that when she attacked Mitt Romney’s wife, she was actually “discussing his poor record on the plight of women’s financial struggles.”  Politics over all!

In a similar vein, Rosen sought to armor herself against criticism by brandishing her extremely correct politics: “As a partner in a firm full of women who work outside the home as well as stay-at-home mothers, all with plenty of children, gender equality is not a talking point for me.  It is an issue I live with every day.”  To top it off, she didn’t really apologize for what she said to Ann Romney.  She only apologized for the offense Mrs. Romney and millions of other Americans felt, due to her “poorly chosen words.”

It’s often useful to respond to Democrat attempts to protect themselves with weaponized amnesia by recalling exactly what they said in the first place.  “What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, ‘Well, you know what my wife tells me is that women really care about economic issues,” she spat on CNN.  “and when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.  Guess what?  His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.  She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing, in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why do we worry about their future.” 

You’ve got to love that snarky little “Guess what?” especially since she’s now claiming her true and noble meaning was misunderstood because she chose a few words poorly.  I’ll grant her this much: her attack on Ann Romney was at least as much about the myopic class-warfare obsessions of the Left as it was about feminist contempt for stay-at-home-moms.  She was insulting the Romneys for their out-of-touch silver-spoon lifestyle.  Incidentally, at the time Ann Romney began raising her children, she and Mitt were living as impoverished college students, but it should come as no surprise that Rosen doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Class warfare is an alloy of ignorance, hatred, and the lust for power.

In her catastrophic Wednesday night appearance on CNN, she actually tried claiming that the Obama campaign never used “war on women” rhetoric at all, prompting Jonah Goldberg of National Review to haul dozens of Democrat fundraising emails shrieking about the “War on Women” from his spam folder.

Rosen’s career as a spin doctor may be over, but it’s no great loss.  She wasn’t very good at it to begin with.  Nobody on Team Obama really is.  They just assume their voters are easily spun, thanks to short memories and even shorter attention spans.