Occupy thugs deface a memorial to another Civil Rights hero

How far will they go? When will this all end? Will the Democratic Party ever stop getting in our faces?

Occupy thugs in St. Louis have defaced a century-old memorial to three German-American Republicans: Emil Preetorius, Carl Daenzer and Carl Schurz. Occuvandals spray-painted “CLASS WAR” on the statue Naked Truth.

Carl Schurz was a civil rights hero. Co-founder of the Missouri Republican Party, he served as a Union Army general during the Civil War and as ambassador to Spain. He was sent on a fact-finding mission in the postwar South soon after the Confederacy collapsed, and his report shook the nation.  Schurz recounted the horrors inflicted by Democrats on the emancipated slaves. Republicans were appalled by the Democrat savagery.

Schurz later served as Secretary of the Interior during the Rutherford Hayes (R-OH) administration.

This was not the first time the Occupy Movement defaced a memorial to a man who fought against slavery. McPherson Square, in the nation’s capital, was named for General James McPherson, killed by a Confederate. Showing no respect, Occupistas defaced his statue.