MSNBC host: The Koch Brothers have Treyvon Martin's blood on their hands


Democrat Party propagandist Karen Finney was back on MSNBC to offer some more of her Really Deep Thoughts about the Treyvon Martin shooting, a massive conspiracy that has now swelled to include the hellspawned Koch Brothers.  She even throws in the Scaife family, a Clinton-era blast from the past, for good measure.

And it’s not just their opposition to the righteous liberal quest for gun control laws that puts blood on the hands of these villains.  Oh, no.  They’re also in favor of… photo ID for voting!  Gasp!  Video courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

Now, I know this is MSNBC.  No one in its modest audience is looking for “balance,” but they are allegedly a “news organization.”  If they’re going to invite actual Democrat Party political operatives (as opposed to “former” party hacks like George Stephanopolous at ABC, wink wink) to host their shows, they should be expected to maintain some bare-minimum standards of editorial integrity.

For example, shouldn’t Finney be compelled to read aloud the entire Rick Santorum quote she butchered to slander him as a racist, and then explain why she plucked only a few words from such a simple and straightforward statement?   Rest assured she could do it.  She would claim Santorum’s reasonable comments about the superiority of opportunity and self-sufficiency to welfare handouts was riddled with “dog whistles” and “racial code words.”  She would sound appropriately dishonest and kooky, which is better than letting her Dowdify a quote to twist its meaning and make herself sound like less of an extremist.

And if she’s going to make the case that lax gun-control laws are to blame for the Martin shooting, wouldn’t a minimally honest “news network” at least require her to recite the recent murder statistics from gun-controlled utopias like Chicago and Washington, D.C. to illustrate her point?  Let’s limit it to just the night Trayvon Martin was shot, February 26.  How many people were murdered in states with restrictive gun-control laws on that night?  How many of them were black?

It’s important not to ignore this garbage because it’s coming from a partisan operative serving as a guest host on a relatively unpopular network.  There are several racially-charged political narratives being constructed around the Treyvon Martin shooting, and as you can see from Finney’s latest rant, they’re not limited to gun control laws.  MSNBC, along with far-left blogs, has a way of introducing ideas into the major media bloodstream, with organizations like Media Matters serving as the hypodermic needles.  Inoculation must be administered swiftly, in the interest of public safety.  It doesn’t take long for media orgs with sizable audiences to begin reporting yesterday’s fringe twaddle as “conventional wisdom” that “everyone knows.”