Top 10 Obama campaign slogans

President Obama is in need of a new campaign slogan, as his “hope-and-change” mantra from 2008 has been worn threadbare after a dismal first term. We are happy to offer these suggestions to the Commander in Chief, in the hope that his second term never happens.

1. “Buy now, pay later”

President Obama has added trillions of dollars to the nation’s debt—more red ink in his first term than was accumulated in America’s first 225 years. Piling up debt has the political advantage that taxpayers are getting a lot of stuff without having to pay for it. The downside is that our children and grandchildren will have to pay off the balance. Luckily for the president, that demographic group won’t be voting in November.

2. “I am the Great Apologizer”

President Obama has certainly set the standard for the most apologies in presidential history. In his first interview as president—to the Saudi-owned al Arabiya—Obama said, “We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.” In Turkey, he told students, “America, like every other nation, has made mistakes and has its flaws.” In Cairo, he said the response to 9/11 caused the U.S. “to act contrary to our traditions and our ideas.” Recently he apologized when U.S. military personnel burned Korans already defaced by Afghan detainees. No president in U.S. history has had a stronger record on telling the world about how bad America is.

3. “I am great, like Lincoln, Gandhi, Mandela …”

The president believes he is among the great figures in history—comparing himself to Lincoln even before taking office and winning the Nobel Peace Prize early in his first term. Lately, he has made references to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela when talking about how hard it is to change things. His 2008 campaign rhetoric—“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal”—has not quite worked out, but this president is so full of himself that he undoubtedly will keep telling the nation of his greatness.

4. “Jobs for everyone around the world”

Even if the president doesn’t have a very good track record of creating jobs in the United States, he can brag that he has helped boost employment overseas. After he drove off oil producers from the Gulf of Mexico with his deep-water drilling moratorium, Obama offered to help Brazil develop its energy resources. His investments in green energy helped to create jobs in China. Now it turns out that General Motors—owned, in part, by U.S. taxpayers—is buying a $400 million stake in French automaker Peugeot. Vive la France!

5. “Vote for me, I’m black”

President Obama recently launched African Americans for Obama, hoping to re-energize blacks, who were giddy about his first campaign but have yet to benefit from his administration’s policies. The new campaign effort is complete with its own logo, Web site (, and fundraising appeal. Imagine the outcry if a “Whites for Romney,” or “Caucasians for Santorum,” were part of the Republicans’ strategy.

6. “Food stamps for economic growth”

Under Obama’s policies, a record 46 million Americans, or one out of every seven, are on food stamps. While some might consider that a bad thing, Democrats like to brag about how food stamps are an economic engine. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once said, “It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance. The biggest bang for the buck.” Actually, Ms. Pelosi, the biggest bang for the economy would be for the government to ease the burden on taxpayers and businesses.

7. “Gas prices finally catching up to Europe”

High gas prices can be viewed as an accomplishment since the president has long favored increased costs for fossil fuels. When he was running for office, Obama said his policies would make electricity prices skyrocket. His energy secretary, Steven Chu, wanted U.S. gas prices to catch up to Europe’s. Alas, the other side of the energy equation—plowing money into green energy projects—hasn’t worked out. (See Solyndra, et al.)

8. “I will call you if you are attacked by right-wing talk-radio hosts”

The president showed that he really cares when people are attacked by conservatives by telephoning Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” for demanding subsidized contraceptives. One would think that someone going to a university with a $46,000 annual tuition rate could afford to buy an oral contraceptive at Walmart for $9 per month. If it polls well, look for the president to robo-call every aggrieved liberal.

9. “Workers of the world unite”

While the fall of the Berlin Wall rendered this slogan from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto obsolete, President Obama is trying to resurrect it with his class-warfare rants. In Obamaland, Wall Street is evil, taxes need to be raised on the “rich,” and wealth needs to be redistributed out of fairness. Mr. President: It didn’t work in the Soviet Union and it won’t work in the United States.

10. “I am just a regular guy”

Forget about the aloofness of the president and how he once said some working-class Americans are bitter and cling to their guns and religion. He recently disclosed that the First Lady “allows” him to watch Sports Center on EPSN. How better to identify with the white working-class male than to point out that he is just as henpecked by his wife as they are.