Gizzi's America: 'There Are Other Races In Illinois'

On Tuesday night, HUMAN EVENTS will offering prompt, in-depth, and behind-the-scenes reporting of the Illinois presidential primary—and more. The contest that is boiling down to Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum is important, but there are other races in Illinois.

Among them are the increasingly nasty contest between Republican Reps. Don Manzullo and Adam Kinzinger, which has drawn House GOP Leader Eric Cantor and numerous national organizations into the fray, and the Democratic primary in which one of the party’s true House stars—Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.—is facing the fight of his political career.

In spelling out HE’s plans for coverage March 30, I display a signed photograph of Chicago’s legendary Mayor Richard J.Daley and while saying our coverage won’t offer the insight Daley and his family could offer, “it will come close.”