Obama's new personal best: 5 fundraisers in one day!


The President whose policies have brought the American economy to its knees, and whose response to rising gas prices involves mocking those who have better ideas, will set a new record today.  As ABC News breathlessly reports, he’ll do five fundraisers in one day!

You’ll want to “#FF”  – that’s “follow Friday” for the non-Twitter crowd — the first family today as they fly off for a frenzy of fundraisers, with First Lady Michelle Obama landing in Minneapolis and President Obama in Chicago and Atlanta.

The six events combined should net at least $5.6 million for Democrats and the president’s re-election campaign, according to estimates provided by an Obama campaign official.

Yes, you’ll want to “follow Friday” so you don’t miss any of the excitement!  Especially if you don’t have a job, and can’t afford the gas to go anywhere today.  Obama, on the other hand, will be burning plenty of fuel to build up his campaign war chest, with help from the missus to get the total number of Obama 2012 fundraisers up to six:

Mrs. Obama will host an afternoon reception with 350 supporters in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center. The invitation for the event lists tickets starting at $250 to attend and up to $10,000 to mingle with Obama and take a photo with her.

Meanwhile, the president will start his day in Chicago, headlining reception at the Palmer House Hilton with more than 600 guests. Tickets for the event start at $2,500, a campaign official said. Obama will then head behind closed doors for an intimate roundtable discussion with 60 supporters who have each cut checks for $10,000.

Flying south to Atlanta, Obama will then hobnob with donors into the evening at three fundraisers tailored to the African-American community.

Seventy-five supporters will mingle with the president at an as yet undisclosed private Atlanta residence, where tickets were $10,000 apiece. Then he’ll join a star-studded concert featuring CeeLo Green at the Tyler Perry Studios, where at least 1,000 Obama fans are expected in the crowd, an official said. Each paid $500 or more.

Before returning to Washington, Obama will visit the home of actor and director Tyler Perry, who’s hosting the ritziest party of the night at $35,800 per head. At least 60 people are expected to attend to toast the president.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  At least you can vicariously enjoy the star-studded lifestyle of the royal family, while making a list of the little sacrifices you’re prepared to make, in order to afford gas in your car while you wait twenty or thirty years for Obama’s algae-based fuel brainstorm to pay off.  If you’re in Chicago, you could be just a few blocks away from the “intimate roundtable discussion” where the next round of Solyndra-style “winners” in our politicized economy are being chosen!

The first $5,000 of every big-bucks contribution goes right to the Democratic National Committee, which will work hard to re-elect more members of the party that hasn’t passed a budget in 1,052 days.

How are Obama’s numbers looking for this record-breaking fundraising year?  “The president’s events raise to 40 his total attended for the year and 107 his total for the cycle,” ABC informs us, while “the first lady’s event is her 17th fundraiser of the year.”  The “cycle” they’re talking about would have begun with the formal declaration of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, which came on April 4, 2011.  That makes 107 fundraisers in 11 months.  It’s a wonder he can find any time to oversee the “transformation” of America, or make his March Madness picks.