Super Tuesday roundup from around the web

Here are the best news stories and commentary on Super Tuesday from around the web:

Carl Cannon
Ohio Win, Delegate Haul Cap Solid Night for Romney
The election on Super Tuesday came down to Ohio — as it might again in November — and when the votes were finally counted, Romney eked out a narrow victory in the Buckeye State’s raw vote, and a significant win in the statewide delegate count.

John Fund
National Review
Danger Signals for Romney
Mitt Romney will exit the ten Super Tuesday contests with more delegates than anyone else, but his political reputation damaged. 

NRO Symposium
National Review
What Super Tuesday Means
We asked some political experts what Super Tuesday means for the Republican primary field. Here are their answers.

Jay Cost
The Weekly Standard
Morning Jay: Ideology Isn’t Everything in GOP Race
Super Tuesday confirmed two trends that had been somewhat evident prior to yesterday. First, while there is an ideological dimension to this contest – with very conservative voters backing Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich and less conservative voters backing Mitt Romney – there is also a regional dynamic overlaid atop this.

Paul Steinhauser and Tom Cohen
Romney wins 6 states, fails to blunt Santorum’s conservative support
Mitt Romney’s showing in six states was not a super one for the Republican presidential hopeful, who failed to produce the convincing wins needed to demonstrate his ability to generate support among diehard conservatives.