Your liberal outrage boycott target of the day: Richard Cohen of the Washington Post

Hi there, liberals!  I’m still waiting for feedback on how your boycott against liberal radio host Mike Malloy is going.  Malloy decided to make sport of people killed by the recent Midwestern tornadoes, mocking those ignorant Bible Belt types for getting “smashed into little grease spots on the pavement” by the God they worship.  I wrote of the incident in the full confidence that people who wanted Rush Limbaugh hounded off the air for declaring that the public demands of a 30-year-old professional leftist activist for $1000 per year of birth control from Georgetown University were tantamount to her asking to be treated like a “slut” would leap into action against Malloy.  I was just curious to know how it’s going.  Have you gotten a list of his advertisers yet?

I know you guys aren’t a bunch of degenerate hypocrites, so you’re really busy getting that Malloy boycott organized, but I thought you should know about another act of crass disrespect towards women perpetrated by a media figure.  In this case, the perpetrator is columnist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who decided to use his column today to dance on Andrew Breitbart’s grave, and lob some broad insults at the conservative movement in the process:

It is not nice to speak ill of the dead, my mother once told me. But it is okay, I think, to speak ill of those who praise the dead when the deceased was best known for sliming a well-intentioned and wholly commendable public servant or for exposing a politician who had already exposed himself. I am referring to Andrew Breitbart, whose passing was noted and mourned throughout the conservative firmament. His eulogies tell us more about the movement than they do about him.

It’s hardly news that Richard Cohen is tedious, predictable, or nasty.  Here’s the part that should be of interest to our intellectually consistent Liberal Outrage Brigade:

True, Breitbart was shockingly young, a mere 43, but then in those few years he had done much — a good deal of it revolting and some of it unethical or sloppy. He claimed enormous credit for revealing that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was a flasher, but the so-called crime had no victim and was not in the least way political. Breitbart had ousted a liberal from Congress not in an election or in an exchange of ideas but because he caught him with his pants down. Conservatives cheered. They have, as we all know, considerable trouble with any kind of sex.

Wow.  Richard Cohen thinks nothing Anthony Weiner did was a really big deal, which is very insulting to women right there.  But then he goes further, and says conservatives have “considerable trouble with any kind of sex.”  As you know, many conservatives are women.  Furthermore, Andrew Breitbart was married, and has four children.  How do you suppose his widow feels about Richard Cohen’s public airing of his crackpot psycho-sexual theories?

Limbaugh activated the Liberal Outrage Brigades by pointing out that one woman was demanding a subsidy for her sex life from a religious institution with moral objections.  Cohen just told millions of women they have “considerable trouble with any kind of sex,” and this is the only reason they have any objection to creeps like Anthony Weiner or Bill Clinton, who Cohen also defended vigorously.  Bill Clinton actually treated numerous women like sluts, and dispatched media operatives to slander them in public, as part of an effort to control what his own staff termed “bimbo eruptions.”

It should be noted that Richard Cohen doesn’t seem to have any trouble discussing certain kinds of sex.  Let’s just say there was a time, back in the Age of Lewinsky, when Cohen had serious problems with “witch-hunt atmospheres” for men who are “accused of saying things that are insensitive.”  But now the official Washington Post editorial line is that Rush Limbaugh deserves career destruction because of his “vile rants” against the sainted Sandra Fluke, and I haven’t heard Cohen speaking up in his defense.

Granted, Cohen might be having trouble keeping up with the official liberal action line on conservative mating habits, since until now, it has been more common to criticize them for having too many children, as in the case of Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum.  Incidentally, Cohen works an out-of-nowhere non-sexual slam against Palin into his Breitbart screed, declaring that her nomination to the McCain ticket “would probably have appalled William F. Buckley, had he not died some months before.”

Still, no one in the Liberal Outrage Brigades gave Rush Limbaugh the slightest benefit of the doubt.  In fact, I read dozens of mainstream media reports of the Fluke affair without finding a single one that accurately quoted what Limbaugh actually said.  They almost invariably, and incorrectly, declared that Limbaugh “called Fluke a slut.”  In that spirit, we can say that Richard Cohen just called the conservative women of America uptight prudes who can’t deal with the raw, liberated sexuality of liberal tomcats like Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton.  And he wasn’t responding to anything a particular conservative woman said, much less their statements in an encounter falsely promoted as a congressional subcommittee hearing.  It was a gratuitous slam, entirely unnecessary to whatever boneheaded point Cohen was trying to make about Andrew Breitbart.

Get cracking, Liberal Outrage Brigades!  Keep us up to speed on how that Washington Post boycott is going!