Miniear: Our personal security is our personal business

[As we approach the heart of the political season, Guns & Patriots will feature pro-gun rights politicians. In the dominant media, gun rights are still scorned and those who speak up for those rights doubled-scorned. Not here, though. Please encourage and support these friends.–Editor]


GOP Indiana congressional hopeful J.D. Miniear with his fiancée Kristina Lamb, who held off a burgular with a rifle. Miniear is campaigning as a champion of expanding gun rights and Reagan’s vision of America. 

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My name is J.D. Miniear and I’m a pro-growth Reagan conservative running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in Indiana’s 7th district now held by the “lynch-pin” of the anti-Tea Party movement in Congress Democrat Andre Carson, whose American Conservative Union rating has been zero the last two years he’s been in office.
Our newly remapped district is made up entirely of Indianapolis residents and covers 80 percent of our city making this a winnable opportunity to unseat the incumbent. I recently faxed in my NRA candidate survey and it unequivocally states I will vote to protect the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun owners throughout our nation.
My only son is a senior cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Miniear clan like many Hoosier families enjoys shooting practice on the range. 
Americans were saddened and sickened by the recent killing of innocent students in the Chardon High School outside Cleveland.  A troubled at-risk teenager being raised without his parents created a bloody scene while acting out his internal rages.
Late last summer a troubled young man repeatedly tried to break in while my fiancée and her teenage daughter were at home. She called the police and held a rifle in her arms for protection. The assailant remained outside the door and fled when law enforcement arrived.
Kristina is an evangelist who grew up in Southern California and was a personal friend of Ronald and Nancy Reagan when she was a girl. She trusts in God and both of us have been apart of witnessing spiritual renewal breakout in our city and across the country. 
Reagan saw America as a “shining city on a hill” and insisted our Constitutional rights would not be infringed by an at-risk government but our nation under God has become a nation under fraud amidst stifling regulations.
According to the Heritage Foundation the government added over 50,000 pages of regulations to the federal registry last year and 5,000 were related to the banking and financial institutions resulting in an additional $1 trillion cost to our nation and millions of jobs lost.
I’ve been visiting gun stores in and around my congressional district talking with the owners and customers. People are frightened and highly concerned about overreaching government, rising gas prices and escalating deficits.
I recently returned from CPAC where I had the privilege of meeting a host of conservative leaders including NRA President David Keene and our beloved Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart’s legacy of defending truth and liberty lives on and his $100,000 reward for any evidence backing Andre Carson’s statements he was spat on and “n” word slurred 15 times during the walk to the Capitol Building for the passage of the Health Care Bill has never been claimed.
I’m energized and working hard to join another fresh wave of Tea Party House and Senate members in the 113th Congress who will replace, repeal and roll back the “Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Carson” agenda. Our freedoms have been trampled on and removed for too long by the power hungry progressives.
We have strong Tea Party support in America’s heartland and our country can look forward to much brighter days on the economic front once we cut marginal tax rates, slash government spending and remove burdensome regulations.

Working together we can get America’s fiscal house back in order in 2013 while freeing up our vast domestic energy reserves and opening up the capital markets once again to restore our anemic housing sector.
Thank you for taking time to read about our campaign and we appreciate your support.  To learn more go online at or  I can be reached by email me at