An Army of Breitbarts: Andrew's Legacy Lives On

Andrew’s legacy lives on…

Breitbart Is Here

I Own The World came up with a way to honor the memory of Andrew Breitbart.  Check it out. IOTW adds that you can purchase your “Breitbart Is Here” T-shirt at Anthem Studios. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Breitbart family.

This came in the email on Friday. It was a typical reaction among conservatives when the news broke of Andrew’s passing.

Hello, I’m seeking advice:

How can I get involved more? What can I do? I vote, I promote conservative causes. I want to do more.

For Andrew, I want to get involved more, I want to start or do something big.

Please email me on what I can do to contribute beyond money. Its war, and I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. B.

I believe Zombie answered this best.

He wasn’t a great writer. Not bad; just serviceable. He didn’t have a PhD. He personally wasn’t very handy with a camera. (Though he certainly knew what to do with newsworthy photos or footage once he got his hands on them.)

He wasn’t an economic theorist. He wasn’t a beacon of moral purity. He wasn’t a deep philosopher. He wasn’t even a professional journalist. But whatever he did, he did with gusto. And not just run-of-the-mill gusto: extreme gusto.

When he got the ball, he never fumbled. He sent would-be tacklers flying. And even if his team wasn’t on offense, he’d snatch the ball anyway and score a backfield touchdown before the other guys even knew what happened.

One thing we must learn from Andrew’s life: If Breitbart could do it, anyone could do it. We no longer have any excuse. America’s bloggers and citizen-journalists and new-media mavens need to get off our collective asses and make news happen. Every day, you need to ask yourself: What Would Breitbart Do? And then do it.

Get active! Keep the legacy alive. That’s what Andrew would want.

Glenn Reynolds wrote about the Breitbart Memorial in Washington DC he attended last night.

BE BREITBART: So I read this letter from a reader at the Breitbart memorial tonight — partly for the closing, but also because it belies the media idea that there’s no enthusiasm among Republicans these days.

I attended my first caucus today. It was a great experience. We filled a middle school cafeteria to the brim, there must have been almost a thousand people in attendence (just a wild guess). The caucus was well organized but unprepared for such a large turnout, they rolled with it and did a great job pulling it off. Of the seven people from my precinct, only one had attended a caucus before. We are all involved now chiefly because of the man in the white house and our belief that he has the wrong policies for the problems facing the nation. Being a caucus, the actual candidate will be elected at the state convention but our mini-straw poll for my precinct read 5 votes for Romney, 1 vote for Ron Paul and 1 vote for undecided. Just thought you would like to know what’s going on up here in the Evergreen state. Be Brietbart, Greg in Seattle

They want you to be depressed and dispirited, but don’t be. Be Breitbart, who was never either of those.

Be Breitbart. Band of Patriots– Jim Hoft, Andrew Breitbart, Rep. Aaron Schock and Glenn Reynolds at the Quincy Tea Party in 2009.

Be Breitbart.