Exclusive video: Gingrich responds to Durbin and takes on Obama's energy secretary

Yesterday in Atlanta, Ga. I sat down with former Speaker Newt Gingrich to discuss the state of campaign 2012, his path to victory and the issues on the campaign trail.

One of the newest issues has been the Republican candidates’ assault on Barack Obama for multiple apologies over accidental Koran burnings in Afghanistan.  The books had been defiled by terrorists and then accidentally burned by NATO troops.  Gingrich led the Republican field in saying the President should not apologize.

On Monday, Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that the Republicans were “at war with Islam.”  I asked Gingrich to respond to Senator Durbin.  Gingrich explained that he is not , nor is the nation, at war with Islam, but “radical Islam is at war with the United States.”

Gingrich and I then went on to discuss rising energy prices in the United States.  He had particularly strong, forceful words against Energy Secretary Steven Chu championing even higher energy prices.  He also explained in detail how he would get to $2.50 a gallon of gas and why the number was not just pulled out of thin air.

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