Breitbart endures

I passed a few words with Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2011.  He was always surrounded by a constellation of people, and somehow he managed to remain engaged with all of them.  I wish I had gotten beyond introducing myself.  I saw a bit of his presentation at CPAC 2012, and wish I had been able to listen to him speak for longer.  Alas, now everyone knows how I felt. 

Breitbart accomplished so much in such a tragically short time.  His legacy is one of enduring achievement, carried on by the many outstanding ventures he founded, including Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Hollywood.  He had a remarkable eye for finding talented people who could convey his ideas and spirit.  Sadly, they must now carry on without his irreplaceable voice.

Breitbart was humorous, mocking, and confrontational, but what stayed with me most, after hearing his uproarious speech at CPAC 2011, was how much he accomplished by simply asking questions.  This is a great contribution to modern conservatism, which is intellectually more inclined toward providing answers, solving problems, and getting things done.  We’re the counter-culture now, and no one understood that better than Andrew Breitbart. 

The “establishment” is very, very far Left.  A country that likes to think of itself as “center-right” orbits to the right of a “center” that has gone almost completely overboard to port.  Americans routinely accept excesses of control, and a lazy degeneration of culture, that would have provoked outrage only a few generations ago.  Conservatives must pick that edifice apart, by asking the Left questions it cannot answer.  Watching Breitbart in action was like watching Captain James T. Kirk talk a godlike super-computer into self-destructing.  The difference is that Breitbart could do it while roller-skating.

I have no doubt that Heaven has already learned of Andrew Breitbart’s propensity for asking questions, and must already be wondering how long the furthest reaches of the existing cosmos can provide enough answers to satisfy him.  I recommend making the universe bigger.  The mortal world, meanwhile, has sadly become smaller for his passing.

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