Andrew Breitbart, rest in peace

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless warrior for truth. His passing at the young age of only 43 is a devastating loss, a reminder of how fleeting and precious life is.  He leaves behind him a beautiful family.

Andrew was a patriot and social media entrepreneur.

He was a rebel.  He was a rabble-rouser.

He created chaos for professional liberals and he relished every second of it.

Andrew’s life was proof positive that he didn’t just talk a good game — he walked it out, through and through.

Besides authoring two New York Times best-selling books, Hollywood Interrupted and Righteous Indignation, Andrew was the publisher of four powerful websites: Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and Big Peace — the BIGs, if you will.

They certainly lived up to their names.

Andrew used his online army as a wrecking ball against the liberal establishment.

He helped take down ACORN.  He forced Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign in disgrace.  And he wasn’t afraid to call out reporters to their face.

I saw his contempt for the liberal press firsthand.  After a 2010 speech I gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference critical of Barack Obama, New York Times reporter Kate Zernike maliciously claimed that I had used “racial overtones.”  It was her first dispatch from CPAC.  Her “evidence” was so embarrassingly threadbare that she retreated to arguing that I employed a “Chris Rock voice” to mock Obama.

Andrew was also at CPAC, and, shortly after the smear-piece went live, I told him about it.  He was just as outraged.

Vintage Breitbart was about to go on display.

“I’m just going to show you what I had to deal with today,” Andrew began to tell the crowd gathered to watch him accept an award.

“Kate Zernike of the New York Times, are you in the room?”

She was in the room indeed. 

“You’re despicable.  You’re a despicable human being…You came to CPAC to get your prey and here’s your prey:  Jason Mattera from HotAir.”

“[You’re] the one that correlated his voice to Chris Rock.  He happens to be from Brooklyn.  He’s using his voice.”

Andrew never backed down from a fight.  And he enjoyed starting them. 

He broke stories and set the media narrative on his terms.  As a result, he made even many Beltway conservative mouthpieces uneasy — for rather than blather about the news of the day only, he actually took steps and set stories in motion that influenced culture.

He was after scalps.  He got them.

I knew Andrew for many years, even before he became the rock star that he was. He was the same back then as he was before he left us — gregarious, passionate and always looking to nurture future leaders.

He never turned down an opportunity to speak to young audiences, encouraging them to advance the cause of freedom and to fight against the false narratives thrust upon conservatives by the image-makers in Hollywood and the media.

When the shocking news broke of his unexpected passing, Twitter and Facebook erupted with notes from people all across the country who proclaimed their personal appreciation for Andrew.  He was their hero.  He earned the respect of so many because he did what too few can: Confidently and authoritatively speak their minds.

It was a pleasure for me to fight alongside Andrew.  He will be missed.

Rest in peace, brother.   Rest in peace.

Watch part one of an interview HUMAN EVETS did with Breitbart last year upon the release of his second book, where he explains how he ended up being the bane of the media’s existence:

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