Rundown of Michigan and Arizona commentary

Here is a rundown of the best commentary about the Arizona and Michigan primaries from around the web.

Paul West, Maeve Reston and Seema Mehta
Los Angeles Times
Mitt Romney averts disaster in Michigan primary

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney won the Michigan and Arizona primaries on Tuesday, holding off conservative challenger Rick Santorum and gaining sorely needed momentum into the big round of Super Tuesday contests.

Erin McPike
Republican Race to Reset in Ohio Next Tuesday

Some strange conventional wisdom has been floating around in recent days: If Mitt Romney were to win Michigan’s primary, he’d almost naturally do the same in Ohio a week later on Super Tuesday.

Carl Cannon
Mitt Survives Again With Arizona, Michigan Wins

The predominant storyline heading into Tuesday’s Republican primaries in Arizona and Michigan was that the GOP nominating contest is thoroughly muddled, that Mitt Romney is a historically weak front-runner, and that this contest is likely to be decided at the convention.

Ed Morrissey
Next battleground: Ohio

After Mitt Romney’s sweep last night and a fresh delegate haul, the road ahead gets tougher for Rick Santorum.

Tom Cohen
Romney wins Michigan as all eyes turn to Super Tuesday

A relieved Mitt Romney headed back to the campaign trail Wednesday after sweeping crucial primaries in Arizona and his childhood home of Michigan to revitalize his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

NRO Symposium
National Review
Michigan’s Verdict

Our experts weigh the evidence.