Romney wins Arizona

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win the Arizona primary, multiple news organizations, including the Associated Press and CNN, have projected according to early poll data. Romney will win the state’s 29 winner-take-all delegates and his win in Arizona ensures that he will end up with the most delegates won on Tuesday because Michigan, a state in which he is virtually tied with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, awards its delegates proportionally.

Romney was buoyed by his organization on the ground, as nearly a quarter of the Republican primary electorate had already voted before election night, and Romney led among those voters by nearly a three-to-one margin.

Further, Romney was also buoyed by the Mormon vote, which accounts for roughly 10 percent of the Republican primary electorate.

According to early exit polls, economy and electability topped the list of concerns voters had, which favored Romney.

Romney was pulling away in Arizona during the past week, and none of the candidates campaigned in the state that many thought would be hotly contested.