Two-Thirds of London Births Are to Foreign Parents

Two-thids of London babies are to foreign parents.


A shocking study released this week shows that two-thirds of babies born in London have at least one foreign parent.

The Telegraph reported:

Two-thirds of babies born in London have at least one foreign parent, official figures show. In some inner-city areas more than three-quarters of infants are now being born into immigrant families.

However British-born parents are still in the majority in a handful of suburban boroughs. Campaigners say the figures, disclosed by the Office for National Statistics in a parliamentary written answer, make an integrated society more difficult to achieve.

They want ministers to honour their pledge to reduce net migration “from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands” by the next election.

Migration Watch UK, an independent group had this to day about the shocking data.

Via The Economic Voice:

“These extraordinary figures illustrate the huge and rapid change that is taking place in our capital city. They illustrate the way in which London is being changed beyond recognition and on a scale and at a speed that makes successful integration so much more difficult. It is a stark reminder to the government to stick to their promise to get net migration down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.”