White House misses Solyndra document deadline

The Most Transparent Administration In History continued its practice of ignoring inconvenient subpoenas, by missing a Monday deadline to hand over documents related to the Solyndra “green energy” boondoggle.  The House Energy and Commerce Committee said in a statement:

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns responded this evening after the Obama White House failed to meet another deadline to produce internal Solyndra-related documents.

The White House has failed to comply with committee subpoenas that were issued on November 3, 2011. On December 12, 2011, committee investigators went to the White House for good faith negotiations and presented administration lawyers with a proposed list of eleven narrowed categories.

Despite expressing a willingness to comply, the White House has only provided a fraction of the documents responsive to the subpoena. In a February 9, 2012, letter to White House lawyers, the committee had given the White House a February 21, 2012, deadline to turn over all Solyndra related documents. 

Has anyone checked Attorney General Eric Holder’s in-box for these documents?  He defies subpoenas all the time, and also claims not to read important memos about scandalous Justice Department operations that get people killed.  The Solyndra stuff could be just sitting on his desk, buried under the latest tally of missing Operation Fast and Furious guns.

Chairmen Upton and Stearns were understandably angry to discover that stone walls are the only sustainable, renewable resource this White House has been able to develop with billions of our tax dollars:

The White House’s failure to comply with today’s document deadline is a sad milestone on the path chosen by this administration to obstruct and delay our investigation rather than cooperate and help deliver answers for taxpayers. From day one, Obama administration officials attacked our investigation, proclaiming that Solyndra was a smart investment unworthy of scrutiny, destined for success.  But after exposing even a small portion of what happened behind the scenes, we now know those at the highest levels were scrambling to keep Solyndra afloat, pursuing a doomed restructuring that favored wealthy investors over taxpayers.

“Despite an all star cast of presidential aides that have their fingerprints on Solyndra – Larry Summers, Carol Browner, Ron Klain, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Dan Pfeiffer, Jay Carney, Cecilia Munoz – the White House is having great difficulty turning over relevant internal documents.

As Upton and Stearns proceed to note, only the aggressive use of subpoenas gave Americans the information that “blew the doors off the Solyndra investigation,” and it’s hard to think of an honorable reason the White House would need over 140 days to provide its internal correspondence – especially since dozens more “green energy” disasters are crawling into our wallets already, and President Obama’s budget proposal made it clear that he wants dozens more.  Why should anyone take Obama’s demand for more Solyndras seriously, when he still hasn’t fully explained what happened with the first one?

What happens next?  Well, as we can see from AG Holder’s conduct, threatening this crew with contempt of Congress results in nothing but arrogant sneers.  They certainly don’t have to worry about the kind of wall-to-wall “Subpoena Outrage, Day 140” coverage they’d be getting from the media if they were Republicans.  It looks like American taxpayers will never find out how so much of their money was squandered on bankrupt green energy companies… not as long as Barack Obama has anything to say about it.