Gingrich releases lengthy video on revamping American energy policy

Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, has released a 30 minute video highlighting his ideas on energy policy. He focuses on reducing the price of gasoline, energy independence and job creation.

The video will be used heavily between now and Super Tuesday on March 6. Gingrich will need to make a splash before Super Tuesday as his poll numbers have shrunk to dangerously low numbers both nationally and in the upcoming GOP primary states.

The theme of the video is unleashing the energypotential of the United States, which Gingrich says has been hampered by poor energy policies designed by Department of Energy academics who, “live on a nice campus and bicycle to their lab.”

Beyond the economic ramifications of holding back America’s energy potential, vital national interests are at stake.

“Since the mid 1970s, we’ve known that the Arab states and Iran combined have dominated oil production and have used their leverage to raise the cost of oil and to bring political pressure to bear on the Americans and on the Europeans,” Gingrich said.

The most profound areas of success for American energy policy have been in states like North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Gingrich explains that by unleashing the energy resources in those states using innovative technology plus a good dose of hard, blue collar work, those economies have been dramatically improving, budget gaps have been filled and unemployment has been dropping.

Of the dramatic success in North Dakota Gingrich said, “The state government of North Dakota has had seven consecutive tax cuts, and it now has a rainy day fund of several billion dollars, even though the entire state budget is only about $2 billion,” he continued, “so energy can lead to a bigger economy, more revenue for the government, better jobs for people. Now let’s step all the way back and look at the other 49 states and look at the ocean around the United States.”

There were a number of policy suggestions that Gingrich mentioned specifically. He would open up offshore drilling, create access to public land in Nevada, which is mostly owned by the government and is rich in minable resources, push for mining in Alaska, create tax incentives for purchasing large-scale equipment that is needed for drilling and use an executive order to restart the Keystone Pipeline.

Gingrich also mentioned eliminating national CAFE standards, which were a product of the 1970’s oil embargo, and greatly restrict the kinds of cars that companies can produce. CAFÉ standards also create confusion for car companies that also have to adhere to state environmental standards too.

 “I think we need to understand the American people really are proud about their right to choose the way they want to live without politicians and bureaucrats telling them what to do,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich said at the end of the speech that his mixture of energy policies would bring the price of a gallon of gas down to $2.50.

You can see the Gingrich video here: