Take a virtual tour of the 'Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign'


The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

A new website, produced by Think Progress, showcases nine of the most exclusive hotels in the country, which all share in common that they are “Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign,” as revealed in federal campaign filings.

For all his years in public life, W. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor running for the Republican nomination for president, has been associated with Marriott hotels, and why not? Members of the Marriott family have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his personal campaign committees and other committees functioning on his behalf.

Now it seems the rigors of life on the trail demand shelter and refuge a cut above the rather cookie-cutter luxury provided at facilities in the Marriott chain.

Besides its insight into needs of the presumptive nominee and his coterie, the list offers a handy Where-to-Stay guide for other weary travelers unwilling or unable to cut through the clutter of online hotel reviews.

Here is the list:

The Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign