Top 10 reasons to elect anybody but Obama

While Republicans are locked in a brutal battle over their presidential nomination, let us not forget that anybody the GOP picks will be far superior than the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Not convinced? Here’s the evidence:

1. Mountain of debt

To say that President Obama spends like a drunken sailor is an insult to drunken sailors. From the stimulus bill and auto bailouts to Cash for Clunkers and green jobs, President Obama’s spending reached epic proportions with annual trillion-dollar deficits. Any of the remaining Republican nominees would turn off the spigot of red ink.

2. ObamaCare demise

As long as Obama remains President, the Patient Affordability and Protection Act (ObamaCare), has a chance of remaining the law of the land. Not so with a Republican in the Oval Office, as all the candidates would seek an end to the healthcare law. As long as Obama holds a veto pen, he can stymie conservative legislative efforts to reduce its scope.

3. Capitalism reasserted

Despite Gingrich’s assault on Bain Capital and Romney’s counterattack on Newt’s Fannie Mae contract, the Republican candidates are all, to varying degrees, free-market capitalists. Not so with the current White House occupant, who favors picking winners and losers out of “fairness” or “to help the environment.” So we sink billions into Solyndra and other bankrupt companies in the Utopian hope that creating green jobs will save the planet. As Chevy Volt sales indicate, consumer engineering is best to be left to the marketplace.

4. Energy myopia

With his Keystone Pipeline XL ruling, Obama showed his true colors, choosing to placate the environmental lobby over jobs for American worker. His deep-water oil-drilling moratorium in the Gulf sent jobs to Brazil. Vast areas in Alaska and off the U.S. coasts remain off-limits for development. He even admitted his policies would dramatically increase electrical prices. Memo to President Obama: Spending billions to create green jobs doesn’t substitute for a serious energy policy.

5. Class warfare

A Republican President would cease the insistent class-warfare attacks that Barack Obama wages. The President’s constant references to Warren Buffett’s secretary would end. We won’t hear his repetitive pledge to tax “millionaires and billionaires. ” We would no longer need to hear about evil banks, Wall Street traders, Big Oil and insensitive insurance companies.

6. Judicial nominations

President Obama gave us Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor—who for decades will be two reliable liberal votes on the Supreme Court—and he is slowly remaking the entire federal judiciary by advancing activists to the bench. President George W. Bush pushed some bad policies, but he did nominate Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito—two solid conservatives. The next high court vacancy could be critical in tipping its ideological balance.

7. Regulatory overkill

This President is more than happy to see the Environmental Protection Agency enact global-warming regulations by fiat and EPA is now moving on getting the nation’s dust in order. The regulations governing ObamaCare are many times longer than the 2,000 pages of the bill itself. Any of the Republicans still in the running would lessen the regulatory burden on small businesses.

8. Union coddling

SEIU (Service Employee International Union) and other union leaders have an open door to the White House, as the mobilization of its thuggish army of workers is critical to Obama’s reelection. So we see the president pack the National Labor Relations Board with anti-business zealots who rule that Boeing can’t build a plant in non-union South Carolina. So much for that laser focus on jobs.

9. War on terror

The Osama takedown notwithstanding, the President is not fully engaged in fighting the war on terror. He refuses to identify the enemy—radical Islamists—and has advanced their cause by turning against allies in Egypt and Libya. His failed Iranian policy has allowed a new power center of Western hate to flourish.

10. Leadership deficit

Obama often seems disinterested and aloof. He dithers when action is needed. The charismatic campaigner of hope and change has resorted to trotting out trite slogans. His class warfare shtick is wearing thin. These are trying times that the country is facing. America is in need of a leader, and not a teleprompter reader.


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