White House Budget Director Destroys ObamaCare's Supreme Court Defense


Yesterday we got to watch a stammering Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Jeffrey Zients, refuse to give a straight answer when Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) ask him, quite reasonably, if President Obama’s bloated 2013 budget violated the Budget Control Act of 2011.  While the President’s budget was touted as somehow reducing the deficit, it proved impossible to get Zients to deny that it would, in fact, spend far more money than the previous year.

Zients is rapidly becoming one of the most entertaining munchkins to emerge from the Obama Lollipop Guild.  (Seriously – you’ve got to watch him in the videos below.  No transcript could possibly convey how crushed and desperate he looks, as he tries to defend the irresponsible lunacy of Barack the Mad from logical inquiry.  He looks like he’s waiting for someone to drop an anvil on his head.)

He was back for another round of humiliation today, this time at the hands of Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) of the House Budget Committee.  Garrett was curious about the Obama Administration’s insistence that it’s not going to raise taxes on anyone who is not a “millionaire.”  If you’re unfamiliar with Democrat Party dogma, that means people who make over $250,000 per year.

As Garrett pointed out, ObamaCare slaps hefty fines on those who refuse to purchase government-approved health insurance.  Wouldn’t this be a tax on people who make less than $250k per year?

It takes a while, but after a bit of squirming, Zients finally says “No.”

Which is a big problem, because the Obama Administration’s defense of the “individual mandate” before the Supreme Court rests very heavily on the assertion that those penalties are a tax.  The Constitutional authorization for the federal government to levy taxes will be presented as the justification for using financial penalties to force compliance with Obama’s health care scheme.

Of course, back during the days when ObamaCare was being pushed through Congress, it was strenuously argued that these fees were not taxes, for precisely the reason Zients finally choked out his denial.  The Administration was very keen on claiming it wasn’t going to raise taxes on the Sainted Middle Class.  Only the Evil Rich need fear Obama’s thirst for money.

Garrett also spent an amusing minute or two trying to get Zients to say, with clarity, exactly when Obama’s “deficit-slashing” budget would actually produce anything close to a balanced budget.  An exhausted Zients eventually conceded that he could not imagine a year, even more than a decade in the future, when Obama’s strategy would bring spending into alignment with revenue. 

Bear in mind that Zients is not some low-level flunky who got hired yesterday, and was thrown unprepared to the House Budget Committee wolves.  He’s the Director of the Office of Management and Budget… and he cannot answer a series of extremely simple, common-sense questions about a budget that proposes to spend $3.8 trillion, raise our taxes by $1.9 trillion, and throw another $1.4 trillion onto the national debt. 

The President didn’t think he would need to send anyone better prepared to answer logical questions than this.  The responsibilities of his office are irrelevant to Barack Obama.  Only the 2012 campaign matters, nothing more… and he isn’t going be offering any straight answers to simple questions during that campaign.  It is impossible to watch Zients in these video clips without perceiving the fundamental unseriousness of this Administration.

They command, you obey.  All else is theater.