Buckeye liberal owes bucks to D.C.

A spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party blasted Sen. Sherrod C. Brown, (D-Ohio),and the hypocrisy of one of the Senate???s strongest advocates for higher taxes being delinquent in his District of Columbia property taxes.

Brown should have more understanding for taxpayers, said Christopher Maloney, a spokesman for the Ohio GOP. Brown is up for election this fall and his Republican challenger will be Josh Mandel, the state’s treasurer.

???It???s shameful that Sherrod Brown is intent on increasing taxes upon small business owners and families in Ohio, while he evades them in Washington,??? Maloney said.

???The fact that Sherrod Brown neglected to pay his taxes speaks to the larger issue that after 38 years in government he is out of touch with the everyday struggles and responsibilities of Ohio families,” he said.

National Republican Senate Committee spokesman Jahan Wilcox, said, ???It???s ironic that at the same time he???s trying to raise taxes on small business owners in Ohio, Sherrod Brown himself cannot even pay his own taxes on time.”

Brown is the same man, who supports raising the estate tax, which forces many Ohio family owned businesses and farms either shut down or sell out of the family.

???With so many families struggling from the failed tax-and-spend policies of Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown this just reiterates why we need to overhaul the current system to ensure that it???s fair and simple for every Ohioan,??? he said.

Brown was overdue $892.74 for the property taxes due on his Seward Square condominium, located roughly a half-mile behind the Capitol as Feb. 4, according to the DC Office of Tax and Revenue database. The unit is valued in the database at $222,280.

A payment was paid Feb. 8, said a clerk at the city???s tax office.

Brown made the payment the same day an Ohio-based reporter called Brown???s office to ask about the delinquency. The reporter was told that there was no money due.

The payment left a balance of $11.71, said the clerk, who would not discuss what fines, penalties were charged to Brown???s account.

Meghan Dubyak, a spokeswoman for the senator said, ???Senator Brown has paid his property taxes.???

While Brown is a one of the Senate’s most consistent supporters of higher taxes, but in April he found a tax cut he could support, when he became a co-sponsor of the Homeowner Tax Fairness Act.

The bill would expand the property tax deduction for home owners, who do not itemize.

???At a time when property tax valuations have often failed to keep pace with changing home values, allowing homeowners to deduct the full cost of their property taxes would help put more money in pockets of Ohio families,” Brown said.