Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer robbed by machete-wielding intruder

The Associated Press reports on an alarming statement from the Supreme Court:

A Supreme Court spokeswoman says Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by a machete-wielding intruder at his vacation home in the West Indies.

Spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Breyer, wife Joanna and guests were confronted by the robber around 9 p.m. EST Thursday in the home Breyer owns on the Caribbean island of Nevis. Arberg said the intruder took about $1,000 in cash and no one was hurt.

She said the robbery was reported to local authorities, but she did not know if an arrest has been made.

According to the Washington Post, “the FBI is in Nevis investigating the robbery.”

Thankfully no one was hurt during the robbery.  It would appear that home invasions are no less terrifying when the intruder has a machete, instead of a gun.  They do tend to become somewhat less stressful when the homeowner has a gun. 

Breyer is 74 years old, and probably does not relish the prospect of a machete fight.  He is, however, a proponent of gun control laws.  He thinks the Second Amendment was tossed into the Constitution as an afterthought by James Madison, to appease the states.  He’s also a big believer in the “living Constitution,” which the Supreme Court should regard “as containing unwavering values that must be applied flexibly to ever-changing circumstances.”

Here’s what Breyer had to say after he dissented from the Supreme Court’s opinion in the D.C. vs Heller case, where the majority found the District of Columbia’s ban on handgun possession in the home was a violation of James Madison’s poorly-thought-out little sop to the states:

We’re acting as judges. If we’re going to decide everything on the basis of history — by the way, what is the scope of the right to keep and bear arms? Machine guns? Torpedoes? Handguns?  Are you a sportsman? Do you like to shoot pistols at targets? Well, get on the subway and go to Maryland. There is no problem, I don’t think, for anyone who really wants to have a gun.

So, if someone breaks into your house with a machete in the middle of the night, your best bet is to dare them to hop on the subway and go to Maryland, where you can hunt them down.  It’s either that, or every home in America will end up armed with torpedoes.  Maybe Breyer will be feeling more “flexible” about those beliefs after his encounter in the West Indies, which, thank Heavens, only cost him a thousand dollars.  Or maybe what the civilized world really needs is tougher machete-control laws.