Senate must permanently repeal ObamaCare's CLASS Act

The House of Representatives voted to repeal ObamaCare’s unsustainable Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) entitlement program.  In a major blow to President Obama’s signature law, 267 members—including 28 Democrats—voted to wipe the CLASS Act off the books

The program, intended to provide government-run, long-term care insurance, was doomed from the start.

Well before the CLASS entitlement was included in ObamaCare, budget experts and congressional Republicans sounded the alarms over the fiscal insolvency of the program. 

Budget experts concluded that the CLASS Act would create an “insurance death spiral” due to the program’s adverse selection, in which only the sick or disabled would participate and premiums would increase.

Even Democratic Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad called the CLASS Act a “Ponzi scheme of the first order.”

Despite the vocal opposition, congressional Democrats and the White House included the fatally flawed program in ObamaCare in an effort to hide the true cost of the program to get it passed. 

This past October, the President’s own Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, announced that the CLASS Act was unworkable and could not be implemented.  This proclamation was not too surprising, since it followed Sebelius’s testimony before the Senate Finance Committee in February in which she admitted that the program was “totally unsustainable.”

Yet, despite the Health secretary’s rejection of the CLASS Act, President Obama and many congressional Democrats are still clinging to the budget gimmick by opposing repeal of the program. 

If we don’t get this zombie program off the books, at some point in the future there could be an attempt to resurrect it.  Before declaring the CLASS Act dead, the Obama Administration spent $5 million trying desperately to “fix” the program.  The American taxpayer cannot afford to have this administration try to revive this insolvent program. 

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has pulled the CLASS Act card from ObamaCare’s house of cards.

Now all eyes are on the Senate. 

It is time to end the CLASS Act once and for all.  I introduced legislation last April to repeal the CLASS Act.  My bill now has 42 co-sponsors, and support is growing.  I will continue to press for a vote on my repeal legislation.  I hope that Majority Leader Reid listens to our call and allows the Senate to vote on CLASS Act repeal. 

The American people have a right to know exactly where their elected officials stand on a program even the administration has deemed unworkable. 

Will senators stand on the side of the taxpayer and common sense or will they stand on the side of a fiscally unsustainable budget gimmick used to understate the cost of ObamaCare?