Gingrich will try to reset campaign at CPAC

Newt Gingrich will try to revive his campaign and generate the enthusiasm among conservatives that he had when he was leading in the polls when he takes the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference late in the afternoon on Friday.

The Gingrich campaign says to look for Gingrich “to expose the failed policies, institutions and habits of the Washington-New York establishment.”

If Gingrich is to make another comeback, he will have to cast himself as the anti-establishment candidate this cycle and CPAC would be the perfect stage for him to attempt to rally the conservative troops to his side.

Here are some excerpts released by the Gingrich campaign, which hit on many of themes that resonated with conservatives when Gingrich was riding high in the polls:
…Getting America again will require bold thinking and bold solutions.  Many of these new approaches will be opposed by the establishment in both parties.

…Replace the 130-year-old civil service bureaucrat model with modern management
…Replace the failed NASA bureaucracy with a new “Wright Brothers” model of free enterprise.  To succeed we must have entrepreneurial risk taking for a bold new generation of achievements in space.
…Through existing powers, we will restore the proper role of the judicial branch to correct, limit, or replace judges who violate the Constitution.

Get America working again
…Americans will have a choice.  I will propose and work with Congress to pass an optional 15% flat tax.
…We will match the Chinese by setting our capital gains rate at zero and lower our corporate income tax rate to 12.5% – making the United States the most competitive destination for new investment and new jobs. 
…We will return to balancing the federal budget.  Republicans have done it before and we will do it again. 
…An American energy policy designed to bring gasoline down to $2 a gallon through drill here, drill now, pay less policies so no American President ever again bows to a Saudi king.