Bachmann calls Obama "most dangerous president" on Israel

Although she won’t have a chance to face President Obama on the November ballot, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) made it clear to HUMAN EVENTS that her animosity toward him is unabated.

“The most dangerous president” when it comes to the Middle East is how the former Republican presidential hopeful branded Obama. Bachmann said that what she considered Obama’s “bizarre” signals to Israel and the Arab world were primarily responsible for the current possibility of a nuclear Iran. Bachmann stopped short of saying if she felt Israel had already decided to strike at Iran, citing her position on the House Intelligence Committee and dealings with classified information.

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Bachmann would not assess her re-election chances and pointed out that the redistricting process, was not yet complete.  The congresswoman and longtime HUMAN EVENTS subscriber spoke to us at the Conservative Political Action Conference.