Roundup of Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota

Human Events Staff Writer, Jarrett Stepman, has scoured the internet for commentary about the primary and caucus contests in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota. The best from around the web will be posted here.

Neil King Jr. and Danny Yadron
The Wall Street Journal
Santorum Delivers a GOP Stunner
Rick Santorum jolted the Republican presidential race Tuesday with a three-state sweep of nominating contests in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, puncturing Mitt Romney‘s claim to be the unstoppable front-runner.

Stephen Dinan
The Washington Times
Behind the numbers: Romney’s Tuesday disaster

In all three states Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, won fewer voters than he did in 2008, signaling that he hasn’t been able to hold onto those who turned out to pull the lever for him last time.

John Fund
National Review
Mitt Romney Has Reason to Be Concerned
Mitt Romney’s campaign will have lots of explanations for their man’s poor showing tonight.

Henry Olson
National Review
Santorum Campaign, Take II
Winning the Tuesday trifecta gives Rick Santorum a second chance to make a first impression. This will give him the momentum that his delayed Iowa victory could have given him. How should he proceed?

John J. Miller
National Review
Tee Pawed
Last night’s big loser was Mitt Romney. The runner-up: Tim Pawlenty, the former GOP governor of Minnesota. He just lost the veepstakes.

Alexander Burns
Missouri primary, Minnesota and Colorado caucuses results: Santorum wins Missouri and Minnesota
Rick Santorum was poised to deal an embarrassing setback to Mitt Romney in as many as three states
Tuesday night, as the former Pennsylvania senator took a strong lead in several non-binding presidential contests that could once again reorder the GOP primary race.

Beth Reinhard
National Journal
Romney Hits Santorum’s Speed Bumps in MO and MN

By defeating Mitt Romney in Missouri and Minnesota on Tuesday, Rick Santorum nursed the niggling perception that the frontrunner for the Republican nomination can’t close the deal with conservative voters.

Nate Silver
The New York Times
G.O.P. Race Has Hallmarks of Prolonged Battle
Whatever your perspective on how likely Mitt Romney was to lose the Republican nomination race prior to Tuesday evening, it should be acknowledged that he had about the worst results conceivable.