Romney victory shatters Hispanic voter myth

Mitt Romney‘s victory in the Florida Primary contained some very good news for Republicans, which Obama and his acolytes in the media would like to bury in an avalanche of “he said what about the poor?” news. 

Romney’s Florida victory showed that a Republican can win Hispanic voters with a pro border control and pro legal immigration stand.

In the Florida Primary campaign, Romney vowed to veto the Dream Act and championed mandatory E-Verify which he correctly predicted would lead to “self deportation”, meaning that if the job magnet is removed, illegals won’t continue to come and those here have no reason to stay.

Romney even dared allude to the dirty secret of mass rape of female illegals by their coyotes in last Thursday’s debate.

Paul Gigot in the Wall Street Journal claims exit polling in Florida shows Republican voters “more moderate” on immigration than their candidates. The poll indicated 38% thought illegals should be offered a chance to apply for citizenship, another 27% thought there ought to be a guest worker program for illegals and “only 30%” wanted illegals rounded up and deported.

When the only choice in the poll is two forms of amnesty or mass round ups, most people will try the amnesty.  If the choice included the Romney plan of mandatory E-Verify, I bet a lot more voters would recognize this as not only a workable solution to the illegal problem but an American jobs plan as well.

The actual results of the voting confirm my theory.

Romney trounced his competition among Cuban-American voters, taking 57%.  More surprising, Romney  got 51% of the non-Cuban (Puerto Rican, Central American, and Mexican) Hispanic vote.  In 2008, Romney only won 14% of the Hispanic vote in Florida. Last Tuesday, Romney ran better among Hispanic voters than his winning margin of 44% among white voters.

Newt Gingrich, who aligned himself with illegal immigration advocates when he denounced Romney’s anti-illegal immigration stands as “anti-immigrant”, got only 29% of the Hispanic vote.

The re-elect Obama media constantly (and incorrectly) repeats the mantra that Proposition 187 in California made Republicans “anti-Hispanic”, and since then Democrats own the Hispanic vote and consequently Obama will win swing states like Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida.

The 2010 election of Republican Latina New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez on a strong border enforcement platform proved this myth wrong.  Romney’s strong numbers among Hispanic voters in Florida proves the point again.

Illegal immigration advocates continue to prattle on this week in the media (see “Hispanics Out West a Tougher Sell For Romney” in the Washington Times) about the need to change the “negative tone” of Republican candidates if they want Hispanic votes.

But the 2010 election of Republican Hispanic Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, coupled with strong poll numbers today, indicates that Romney will do very well generally and, as in Florida, also among Hispanic voters in Saturday’s Nevada caucus.

The majority of voters whose ethnic background derives from Spanish speaking countries want the same thing that conservatives want. They or their ancestors fled autocratic, bureaucratic confiscatory governments and crony capitalist economic corruption to embrace the American rule of law, a limited government, and a free economy where opportunity is open to all willing to work hard to reap the benefits. 

No one works harder than legal immigrants to fulfill their dreams. And nothing threatens these dreams more than illegal immigration. In my home state, California, wave after wave of illegals has pushed legal immigrants out of jobs and lowered wages.

“It’s the economy, stupid” is the essence of the 2012 election for all voters, especially Hispanics. Illegal immigrants take jobs from legal migrants and American citizens.  Romney is being rewarded for standing up against illegal immigration.