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Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney

According to CNN, billionaire Donald Trump will endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president. Romney will be making the official endorsement on Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trump had a brief run for the Republican presidential nomination, but backed out before the first debate. He has also flirted with running on a third party ticket.

Early reports suggested that Trump would endorse former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was one of the few candidates that accepted an invitation to a Trump moderated debate, which fell through after too few candidates agreed to come. Romney refused to attend the Trump debate.

Update: Donald Trump has officially endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president.

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Jarrett Stepman is a staff writer at Human Events and a contributor to the Guns and Patriots section. He is a graduate of UC Davis, where he studied Political Science.  Follow Jarrett on

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